It’s Okay To Like Low Cars

These methods are generally shaped over the course of our lifetimes and are influenced by our surroundings, upbringings, friends and family. There is no right or wrong way (within reason I suppose,

The 1,000.1hp R32-Powered Audi RS4

There’s always one. That one car that stands out from the others. Not because it’s necessarily better, but because it appeals to you on a certain level. Wörthersee is full of cars that make you think

Rekindling The Flame At Wörthersee

Stance. It’s possibly the most toxic word when it comes to car culture. Many drool at the sight of a car lowered to within an inch of its life, while others click ‘add a comment’ and slate the genre

A Typical Thursday At Wörthersee

This is the town of Velden-am-Wörthersee on a Thursday in May of 2019. There’s nothing formal, there’s nothing organised, it’s just a gathering of like minded people who happened to be in the area at

The Wheels of Wörthersee

They’re a defining feature on a build, and more often than not, the greatest divider of opinions. Asides from their significant functionality, wheels can have the single biggest impact on a vehicle’s

100 Photographs From Turbo Kurve

I know, I can hear the sighs of relief from down the back but I will at least preface the soon to follow 99 image gallery with some context. It’s our second day in Velden-am-Wörthersee but our first

Late In The Day: The Road To Wörthersee

Ireland to Goodwood, Ireland to Germany, Germany to Belgium and now Germany to Austria. For all the mileage I’ve clocked up within this time frame, I don’t think any of the others can rival the
German police take tough stance on British modded car convoy headed to Wörthersee-Treffen

German police take tough stance on British modded car convoy headed to Wörthersee-Treffen

Filed under: Aftermarket,Government/Legal It pays to know the local rules before crossing borders.Continue reading German police take tough stance on British modded car convoy

Better Late, Than Never: ILB’s Wörthersee Film

The first is that it’s best to be the first one to publish, regardless of the sacrifices that need to be made in order to get the story, photographs or video out there before anyone else. In today’s

The Unexpected GTI Meeting

What would stop you in your tracks on any other day, in any other place, might only warrant a cursory glance. This was my last morning travelling the roads around Lake Wörth; gone was ‘my’ Ur-quattro

Envisioning Reality: The Old & New Porsche 911

Obviously a lot of other things come into it, but if the idea from the get-go isn’t right you’re always going to be fighting a losing battle. It doesn’t have to be anything outlandish, but your

The World’s Most Famous Gas Station

It doesn’t make any sense. Thousands upon thousands of people and cars, driving from all across Europe to visit a township two weeks before one of the largest single-model car shows in the world, only

The Wagons Of Wörthersee

Whatever they are called, there’s no escaping that more often than not they make for the perfect car. If you could only have one car for the rest of your life, one car that has to do everything, then
VW Golf GTI TCR concept revealed with 286 horsepower

VW Golf GTI TCR concept revealed with 286 horsepower

Filed under: Volkswagen,Hatchback,Performance Every year at the Wörthersee VW meet, Volkswagen itself brings something special to show off. It can be something wild like the hybrid GTI it

I Bless The Rains Down In Austria

From the moment I closed my laptop last night, with yesterday’s story submitted, we’ve been hit with one thunderstorm after another, each accompanied with some pretty spectacular lighting effects and
VW Golf GTI TCR Prototype to debut next week in Austria

VW Golf GTI TCR Prototype to debut next week in Austria

Filed under: Volkswagen,Hatchback,Concept Cars,Performance Wörthersee — the premier Volkswagen GTI meetup in the world — starts in just a few days in a small town in Austria. The event has

Wörthersee’s Most Important Meeting

It has taken a day or so to sit down and process this surprise meeting, both from a photography perspective and for the significance of the occasion. In the meantime, I’ve also been shooting as much

The Great Shortcut To Wörthersee

A quiet lakeside village with the most stunning backdrop imaginable hosts the show that isn’t really a show. Well, there is a show but I don’t know anyone who has ever actually attended it. For so