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[Deal] Save up to 60% on these Aukey charging accessories

When you’ve got laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches needing top-ups, keeping everything charged up can be a time-consuming task. The deals are available from the Amazon store in your
Streamline your home office with these cheap wireless charger deals

Streamline your home office with these cheap wireless charger deals

There's something quite satisfying and convenient in seeing your phone top-up by simply placing it on a wireless charger.

[Deal] Save bigly on these Anker Charging Accessories

Whether you are taking timeout by going on a long trek, a Greyhound bus to see the coast or simply camping out in the back yard with your kids, Anker has the right charging accessory to keep your

Logitech’s new 3-in-1 charging dock is a triple play for Apple fans

Logitech says its new charging station, the Powered Wireless Charging 3-in-1 Dock, is “one wireless charger to charge all your Apple devices.” If you’ve got an iPhone 8 or newer, an Apple Watch and

Best wireless chargers for your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch too

Wireless charging can really help keep your iPhone topped off and ready to go. Every model since the iPhone 8 supports it, and Cult of Mac brings you our list of the best wireless chargers available

Native Union adds Apple Watch charger to Drop XL wireless charging pad

The Native Union Drop XL wirelessly charges a pair of Apple devices. And now the company added a removable Apple Watch charger to the mix. The goal is to reduce clutter, with one charging station able

This charging system works better than AirPower would have [Review]

The Scosche BaseLynx can quickly charge every Apple device you have — AirPods to MacBook Pro — either wirelessly or via cable. And this system is modular so you can get just the components you need

[Deal] Save up to 56% on these Aukey accessories

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us but you still have time to get some gifts delivered before you feel the need to visit the garage shop for those almost dead flowers like you did last year. This year,

[Deal] Grab a pair of Choetech’s speedy 10W Fast Wireless Chargers for just $12.99

Wireless charging has really come back into fashion since a certain company re-invented it, so if you are looking to put a wireless charging pad in every convenient location Choetech has a 2-pack on

EU lawmakers take fresh aim at Apple’s Lightning connector with latest e-waste push

The European parliament has voted overwhelmingly for tougher action to reduce e-waste, calling for the Commission to come up with beefed up rules by July 2020. Specifically, the parliament wants the
Just 20 good wireless chargers on sale this weekend

Just 20 good wireless chargers on sale this weekend

As any screen-grab from your phone will show you, your device is constantly in need of a charge. It doesn't matter if you have the latest and greatest iPhone 11 Pro Max or the practically-vintage
Best mobile accessories of CES 2020: Cases, wireless chargers, and robots

Best mobile accessories of CES 2020: Cases, wireless chargers, and robots

While CES 2020 isn't a big show for smartphones, it does play host to a lot of different phone accessories from wireless charging pads to portable chargers to more unusual offerings. We've got a list

Power up all your gear at once with these multi-device chargers

The number of Apple products with wireless charging support keeps growing. Accessory makers responded by unveiling multi-device chargers at CES 2020 that can send power to iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch
PopSockets wireless phone charger to debut at CES 2020 today

PopSockets wireless phone charger to debut at CES 2020 today

A new wireless charger from PopSockets will debut at CES that will allow phones with PopGrips to charge wirelessly quickly. The charger features a circular hole in the middle to place your phone with

This new wireless charger from Zens nearly fulfills the promise of Apple’s AirPower

Apple’s cancellation of its AirPower wireless charging mat was one of the company’s few big public flubs, but the concept behind the cancelled product remains attractive: A wireless charging pad that

Totallee offers 30% off thin iPhone cases and wireless chargers

This iPhone case and wireless charger post is presented by Totallee. There’s nothing like smashing up your new iPhone to ruin your day. You might even still owe money on the thing. But it probably

These stocking stuffers are the perfect gift for tech lovers

Whether it’s a stocking stuffer, secret Santa, or you just need something quick and easy, these are 5 excellent gift ideas to point you in the right direction. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Rumor: 2021 iPhone Will Be Completely Wireless and Ditch Lightning Connector

Starting from 2021, Apple is likely to ditch the Lightning connector on iPhones. The report note by famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the “highest-end model” in the 2021 iPhone lineup is expected
How to clean up cord clutter in your home

How to clean up cord clutter in your home

Anyone who makes tech a big part of their life knows one painful truth: Dealing with cables is still a massive pain. Even in 2019, with all the advancements we've made to make tech feel genuinely

[Deal] Grab a saving with these pre-Black Friday deals from Anker

It’s getting close to that time of year again where people begin thinking about buying gifts for others and themselves, and as you might expect, Anker has turned up with a bunch of deals to consider.