The next generation of wireless networking will be called WiFi 6

Not all WiFi is created equal, and determining which generation of WiFi technology your devices use can be pretty complicated. Did you know that 802.11n predates 802.11ac, for example? For those that

WiFi's tougher WPA3 security is ready

WiFi security is finally getting an upgrade after 14 years. The Wi-Fi Alliance has officially launched WPA3, the next-generation standard that promises to tackle many of the vulnerabilities that have

Mesh Wifi gear from different companies could soon work together

Until now, ensuring full WiFi coverage of your home with a mesh network has typically meant buying multiple routers or access points from one company. But with a new mesh standard coming into play,

Tougher WiFi security will keep you safe at the coffee shop

WiFi security hasn't changed much since WPA2 came to be in 2004, and that's becoming increasingly apparent when public hotspots are frequently risky and glaring exploits are all too common. It's about