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Watch Tucker Carlson SCHOOL Anti-Cop ‘Black Lives Matter’ Race Baiter

Tucker Carlson is not one to go easy on people. So when a Black Lives Matter follower appeared on his show, there was sure to be fireworks. Tariq Nasheed is

Tucker Carlson Opens Can Of WHOOP On Muslim Who Blames Terrorism on ‘Islamophobia’

There is a predictable cycle whenever there is a terrorist attack. Authorities figure out that it was Islamic terrorism, Obama rushes to say we can’t blame Islam, and then Muslims

Tucker Carlson UTTERLY DESTROYS Smug College Student on Trump & Environment

College students tend to be naive, extremely liberal, and stupid. It doesn’t help that on campus, they’re treated to trigger warnings and safe spaces. But once they stumble out into

The Tucker Carlson interview of Kurt Eichenwald

"If you're going to talk about a tweet, let's talk about a tweet."
Tucker Carlson Is Replacing Megyn Kelly at Fox News

Tucker Carlson Is Replacing Megyn Kelly at Fox News

He'll take over the coveted 9 p.m. slot

Must see: Tucker Carlson versus the fake “Demand Protest” guy

"This is a sham. Your company isn't real. Your website is fake."

Former CNN host: Some there were “determined” to elect Hillary

Morgan: "It's one of the great hissy fits of modern political times."

Tucker Carlson: I think Elizabeth Warren would have beaten Trump last year

"She’s got a consistent left-wing economic view that has a lot of support in the country.”
Don't Volunteer To Be Ambushed On Television

Don't Volunteer To Be Ambushed On Television

This week, Washington Post media columnist Erik Wemple appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, Tucker Carlson’s Inexplicable Tenth Shot At Hosting A Cable News Show. Read more...

Carlson: 'What Does Being A Good Person Have To Do With Fixing The Country?'

Tucker Carlson always manages to one-up himself in the "douchebag" category. The morning after 'Oscar-gate' Tucker brought his ever-popular "politics and entertainment shouldn't mix" meme to Trump's