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iPad Pro Likely to Get 3D Sensing Rear Camera in 2020

Earlier reports had predicted a triple rear camera unit on the upcoming iPad Pro. Now a fresh report by Korean website cites that mass production for the depth-sensing camera will begin by the end of

iPhone should steal these hands-free gestures from LG

The just-announced LG G8 ThinQ packs a forward-facing sensor that allows users to control some of the phone’s functions with hand gestures, with no need to touch the screen. The sensors used by the

eBay’s new tech controls your iPhone with head movements

The TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X is what makes FaceID and Animoji possible. But a brilliant intern at eBay used to tech to create head-tracking software that can be used to control the iPhone.

Crazy GIF shows how iPhone X may pave the way for Apple Glasses

The iPhone X’s ugly notch could pave the way for Apple to dominate the smart glasses market. Augmented reality glasses are poised to become the hottest tech gadget of the next decade and Apple’s
Apple’s Memoji are a decade late and just in time

Apple’s Memoji are a decade late and just in time

Apple’s iOS 12 addition of Memoji — personalized “me” versions of its Animoji animated emoji — isn’t exactly novel. Video game makers realized the potential of avatars over a decade ago: Nintendo

Apple Publishes ‘Unlock’ Ad Focused on iPhone X and Face ID

Through November and December of last year, Apple was publishing new ads on its YouTube channel to help promote the newest smartphone in its lineup, the iPhone X, and its newest biometric security

Cult of Mac Magazine: Your iPhone tracks your every move, and more!

Your iPhone knows where you are, and it remembers where you have been. It keeps a record of your frequent hangouts — aka “significant locations” — and uses this data to make location-based suggestions

iPhone X makes stunning motion capture dirt-cheap

The iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system could soon make capturing Hollywood-quality motion capture as easy as snapping a selfie. In a demo showing you don’t need millions of dollars in studio
I Just Played a Frogger Ripoff With My Eyebrows

I Just Played a Frogger Ripoff With My Eyebrows

Did you ever play Frogger and think, “this is great with a joystick, but what would really be awesome is if I could just use my face?” No. You did not. That would have felt like a stupid request

Apple Patent Points to TrueDepth Camera That Supports Gesture Controls for Macs

Using gestures to control our devices has been conceptualized in one way or another for years. It’s even come to fruition a few times.

How to get Animojis on any phone (kind of)

Want Animojis on any iPhone? While you need the iPhone X’s TrueDepth sensors to create Apple’s animated emojis, some apps produce results that look very much like Animoji. In the video below, I’ll

Clips gets iPhone X-powered update with 360-degree selfies

Apple is coming out with a big update to its video-making app Clips today that will be sure to delight users if you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone X. Clips 2.0 is launching with an all-new feature
A closer look at the capabilities and risks of iPhone X face mapping

A closer look at the capabilities and risks of iPhone X face mapping

Face ID has already generated a lot of excitement but the switch to a facial biometric does raise privacy concerns — given that the human face is naturally an expression-rich medium which, inevitably,

Analyst Says Apple ‘Won’t Repeat Mistake’ Regarding TrueDepth Camera Production Issues in 2018

The TrueDepth Camera technology that’s built into the front-facing camera of the iPhone X is one of the biggest new features for the upcoming flagship.