GM Loans $40 Million To EV Truck Maker That Bought It’s Ohio Factory

Lordstown Motors will build its Endurance electric pickup with parts from Workhorse. |

It’s Official: Holden Killing Commodore, Astra In 2020 To Focus On SUVs And Utes

Holden says the fate of the Commodore and Astra was sealed by the popularity of SUVs and pickups. |

Short Bed a Long Shot but Still a Possibility, Chevy Says of Silverado Regular Cab

If you’re like the dinosaurs who rumble around this here site, seeing a showroom-fresh regular cab pickup in daily life is a moment to be savored, as it’s a rare one. Barring work crews and

Tesla Cybertruck Hits The Streets Of LA With New Headlight Design

Tesla still has a lot of time up its sleeve to perfect the Cybertruck before deliveries start. |

Tesla To Launch Tri Motor Cybertruck In 2021, Base Model Delayed Until 2022

Tesla's Cybertruck roll-out seemms to adopts similar strategy to the one of the Model 3. |

TeslaCam Catches Chevy Silverado Rear Ending Model 3 Inside Car Wash

The Tesla driver learned you should always watch your back, even in an automatic car wash. |

Jeep Cottoni Is A Conceptual Proposal For A More Lifestyle Oriented Pickup Truck

The Jeep Cottoni pickup is more road-oriented than the Gladiator. |

Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport Concept Going Into Production With Up To 770 HP

The high-performance pickup can rocket from 0-60 mph in just 3.45 seconds. |

Honda Ups Discounts on Ridgeline — a Truck That’s Already Having a Better Year

Like most Americans, you probably didn’t emerge from last night’s slumber with thoughts of the Honda Ridgeline on your mind. Few do, though the oft-overlooked unibody Honda pickup remains a fairly
Tesla Cybertruck in LEGO

Tesla Cybertruck in LEGO

BrickinNick created this LEGO model of the new Tesla Cybertruck. BrickinNick posted it to the LEGO Ideas site. If enough people like the design, it could become an actual LEGO product. From the LEGO

2020 Roush Performance Ford F-150 Gains New Kit Along With More Attitude

Roush is launching its new 2020 F-150 package, with prices starting from $13,750. |

Ford Patent Reveals Electric F-150 Might Use Up To Four Motors

The electric Ford F-150 will use a body-on-frame platform unlike any other and sport either 2 or 4 electric motors. |

Holden Colorado And Trailblazer Storm Editions Are Better Equipped For Rural Australia

The Holden Colorado Storm and Trailblazer Storm pack LED light bars and nudge bars, among other features. |

Nikola Tre Electric Truck For Europe Boasts 644 HP, 248 Miles (400 km) Of Range

The Nikola Tre all-electric truck will launch in 2021 as a re-engineered Iveco S-Way. |

Mercedes’ Sideguard Assist Makes The Streets Safer For E-Scooter Riders

The Sideguard Assist system is available in the latest Mercedes-Benz Actros and Arocs trucks. |

GM And Isuzu Building Diesel Engine Components Plant In Ohio For HD Pickups

The new facility in Brookville, Ohio will build engine blocks and cylinder heads for the 6.6L diesel engine. |

Mexican City’s Police Force Orders 15 Tesla Cybertrucks

The mayor of Ciudad Valles has placed deposits for 10 Dual- and 5 Tri-Motor Cybertrucks. |

Long-Awaited Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Spied Testing

The Santa Cruz, first revealed as a concept in 2015, will be produced in Alabama from 2021. |

Hennessey’s 1000 HP Jeep Gladiator Maximus Is As Mental As Pickups Get

Hennessey's insane Jeep Gladiator also sports a 6.5-inch lift kit, new shocks and 37-inch tires. |

Will This Widebody Cybertruck Make You Like Tesla’s Pickup?

The Tesla Cybertruck has triggered quite a lot of controversy since being unveiled. |