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Eric Holder Hired as CA State Special Counsel to Thwart Trump Administration

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder has been hired by the very liberal Democrats who dominate the California State Legislature as a “special counsel” to deal with “extraordinary challenges for

House GOP leader asks Jerry Brown: How would you replace Obamacare?

As reported by the Sacramento Bee: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has written to Gov. Jerry Brown and the leaders of other states soliciting their input for replacing Obamacare. Dismantling

Ethics officer calling to delay Trump Cabinet gave $500 to Obama, was appointed by him

Walter Schaub, Jr., the Office of Government Ethics official who has sent a letter urging Senate Democrats to delay the confirmation of Donald Trump’s cabinet, which has been picked up extensively by

Becerra Trashes Trump at State A.G. Confirmation Hearing

SACRAMENTO—A state Assembly committee voted along party lines Tuesday to recommend that Democratic U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra be confirmed as California’s 33rd attorney general. The 6-3 vote followed a

Will California Tax Man Let You Move States?

As reported by California’s Proposition 55 extended–through 2030–the “temporary” 13.3% tax rate on California’s high-income earners. It applies to 1.5% of Californians, singles with an

San Diego spends millions on retired workers who get paycheck on top of pensions

Reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune: Over the past seven years, the City of San Diego has paid more than $14.7 million to bring retirees back to work part-time while they still collect a pension.

California’s cap-and-trade faces tough questions

As reported by the Sacramento Bee: California’s marquee climate-change program faced tough scrutiny on Tuesday from a state appeals court judge who seemed skeptical that the $4.4 billion raised from

The OC GOP’s Delicate Dance in the Age of Trump

As reported by the Voice of OC: It wasn’t long ago that if you were looking for harsh rhetoric and hardline policies on immigration, you need look no further than Orange County. Republican officials

San Francisco sues Trump over his ‘sanctuary city’ order

As reported by the Fresno Bee: San Francisco sued President Donald Trump on Tuesday, claiming an executive order that cuts funding from immigrant-protecting “sanctuary cities” is unconstitutional and

Trump threatens to defund ‘out of control’ California

As reported by the Sacramento Bee: WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump is threatening to withhold federal funds from “out of control” California if the state declares itself a sanctuary state. “If we

Less than 1 percent of California now in ‘extreme’ drought

As reported by CNBC: Storms in the past week helped bring rain and snow to California, resulting in a “significantly improved” drought picture for the state, the U.S. Drought Monitor said Thursday. As

Emergency release of water from Oroville Dam escalates

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle: As water Thursday night rose toward the brim of the reservoir behind the damaged spillway of Oroville Dam, state officials braced for the unprecedented:

OCC student suspended after filming teacher saying Trump’s election was ‘an act of terrorism’

As reported by the Orange County Register: COSTA MESA – An Orange Coast College student who secretly videotaped his instructor making anti-Trump statements was suspended from school and told to write

80% of Americans Oppose Sanctuary Cities – Harvard Poll

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that cities that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be required to turn them over to federal authorities. The poll shows that President Trump has

Thousands still forced from homes by flooding in California tech hub

As reported by Reuters: The mucky water flooding a section of San Jose in Northern California forced officials on Wednesday to widen the area under mandatory evacuation orders, with about 14,000

After Yiannopoulos cancellation, UC Davis wants to ensure controversial figures speak

As reported by the Sacramento Bee: UC Davis Interim Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter said Thursday he will form a group to examine how to ensure even the most controversial speakers can deliver their

California GOP moves to align with Donald Trump policies

As reported by the Sacramento Bee: The California Republican Party moved Sunday into greater alignment with President Donald Trump, approving resolutions opposing sanctuary cities, advocating robust

In Speech to Congress, Donald Trump Calls to ‘Restart the Engine’ of U.S. Economy

As reported by Fox News: President Trump declared Tuesday that a “new chapter of American greatness is now beginning” as he made economic revival the centerpiece of his first address to Congress –

Gun Groups Should Be Allowed to Put Lawmakers’ Home Addresses on Internet Says Fresno Judge

As reported by the Sacramento Bee: Attorneys for the California Legislature are weighing whether to appeal a federal court ruling that could allow gun rights advocates to publish the personal

California’s Bullet Train Could Be a High-Speed Fail Without Federal Funding

As reported by L.A. Weekly: Two weeks ago, President Donald Trump made what might be considered his first real move to screw over California, by delaying a $637 million grant, long thought to have