today in apple history

Today in Apple history: Apple puts 1,000 songs in your pocket with first-gen iPod

October 23, 2001: Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the first iPod, a device capable of holding an entire music library in a highly portable package. The first-generation device boasts a 5GB hard drive

Today in Apple history: iOS 7’s major redesign divides fans

September 18, 2013: iOS 7 makes its public debut with a radical redesign that divides the tech world. The biggest overhaul Apple’s mobile operating system has seen in years, iOS 7 ditches the

Today in Apple history: Apple gives users a way to delete U2’s spam album

September 15, 2014: Responding to its disastrous U2 album giveaway, Apple provides a tool for wiping all signs of Songs of Innocence from their iPhones. It comes after one of the strangest PR debacles

Today in Apple history: Rainbow Apple logo gets a modern overhaul

August 27, 1999: Apple replaces the striped, multicolored logo it used since 1977 with a new single-color version. The replacement of the iconic logo shocks many longtime Apple fans. However, it is

Today in Apple history: Apple and Cisco settle over ‘iPhone’ name

February 21, 2007: Apple comes to an agreement with Cisco over the iPhone trademark, which Cisco legally owns but Apple wants to use. Under the agreement, both companies get to use the iPhone

Today in Apple history: Toy Story 2 arrives in theaters

November 24, 1999: Steve Jobs gets another feather in his cap when Toy Story 2, the sequel to the 1995 Pixar hit, debuts in theaters. It goes on to become the first animated sequel in history to gross

Today in Apple history: Time crowns iPhone ‘invention of the year’

November 1, 2007: Six months after Steve Jobs showed it off, the original iPhone becomes Time magazine’s “best invention of the year.” The iPhone stands out from the rest of 2007’s gadget pack, which

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs’ yacht launches — without Steve

October 28, 2012: More than a year after Steve Jobs’ death, the luxury yacht he commissioned is finally shown off for the first time, launched from a shipyard in North Holland. Called Venus, the

Today in Apple history: Dell PCs overtake Macs in education market

October 27, 1999: Dell Computer overtakes Apple in the educational market, stealing Cupertino’s crown as the top company selling computers to U.S. schools. Steve Jobs, who is still in the process of

Today in Apple history: iPod Photo brings color display to music machine

October 26, 2004: Apple debuts its iPod Photo, a device capable of putting not just 15,000 songs in your pocket, but also 25,000 photographs. It is the first iPod to offer a color screen and the

Today in Apple history: OS X Panther claws its way onto Macs

October 25, 2003: Mac OS X Panther arrives on Macintosh computers, bringing a number of useful new features. Exposé lets users instantly view all open windows at once. The new iChat AV allows people

Today in Apple history: The world prepares for the NeXT Computer

October 24, 1988: Three years after leaving Apple, Steve Jobs prepares to launch the NeXT Computer, a machine he hopes will cement his reputation as a tech genius and blow away the machines produced

Today in Apple history: OS 9 is ‘classic Mac’ operating system’s last stand

October 23, 1999: Apple releases Mac OS 9, the last version of the classic Mac operating system before the company will make the leap to OS X a couple years later. It does not veer far from OS 8 in

Today in Apple history: The App Store hits 200 million downloads

October 22, 2008: During an Apple conference call, Steve Jobs reveals that a user downloaded the 200 millionth app from the App Store that very day. The news comes less than five months after the

Today in Apple history: PowerBook 100 series is a smash hit

October 21, 1991: Apple launches its PowerBook 100 series. The lightweight laptops quickly become one of the most important tech gadgets of all time. These devices almost single-handedly turned

Today in Apple history: iMac goes big with 27-inch display

October 20, 2009: Apple goes big with its iMac redesign, introducing the first 27-inch all-in-one Mac. The aluminum unibody design looks so good that the iMac will remain virtually unchanged for

Today in Apple history: The forgotten first Mac with an internal CD-ROM

October 19, 1992: Apple launches the Mac IIvx, the first Macintosh computer to ship with a metal case and, more importantly, an internal CD-ROM drive. The last of the Macintosh II series, the Mac IIvx

Today in Apple history: iPad sales overtake Macs

October 18, 2010: Just six months after the iPad debuts, Steve Jobs reveals that Apple’s tablet already outsells the mighty Macintosh computer. During the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call, Jobs

Today in Apple history: Performa 6360 is a low-cost multimedia Mac

October 17, 1996: Apple launches its Performa 6360 Mac in North America, sold elsewhere as the Power Macintosh 6300/160. An impressive multimedia Mac, the Performa 6360 comes bundled with a TV/video

Today in Apple history: Apple offers ice water to Windows users in hell

October 16, 2003: Six months after opening the iTunes Music Store for Mac owners, Apple expands the service to cover Windows PCs as well. Steve Jobs later quips that making iTunes available to Windows