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Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs flips out over iPad tweet

February 8, 2010: Steve Jobs reportedly flips out over a tweet sent from an iPad by a Wall Street Journal editor. The reason? Apple showed the iPad to top staffers at the news outlet months ahead of

Today in Apple history: Apple is back in the black

January 6, 1998: After taking over a company on the verge of bankruptcy, Steve Jobs shocks attendees at San Francisco’s Macworld Expo by revealing that Apple is profitable again. Referring to Apple’s

Today in Apple history: Apple brings back Steve Jobs with NeXT buyout

December 20, 1996: Apple Computer buys NeXT, the computer company Steve Jobs founded after leaving Cupertino a decade earlier. The deal costs Apple $429 million. It’s a massive price to pay for the

Today in Apple history: Apple IPO mints instant millionaires

December 12, 1980: Apple goes public, floating 4.6 million shares on the stock market at $22 per share. In the biggest tech IPO of its day, more than 40 out of 1,000 Apple employees become instant

Today in Apple history: Apple storms New York’s Grand Central Terminal

December 9, 2011: Apple opens a store in New York’s fabled Grand Central Terminal, the company’s fifth Manhattan retail outlet. Overlooking the terminal’s Main Concourse, the enormous Apple Store

Today in Apple history: Lousy quarter proves Steve Jobs isn’t invincible

December 6, 2000: Apple’s stock price falls after the company posts its first quarterly loss since Steve Jobs’ return to Cupertino in 1997. Shares tumble $3 to just $14 a share as doom-predicting

Today in Apple history: Apple Store celebrates millionth online customer

December 5, 2002: Cupertino says it served its millionth unique customer in the Apple Store online, marking a significant milestone for the company. It is a benchmark worth celebrating for Apple,

Today in Apple history: A phone call sows the seeds of OS X

November 25, 1996: A midlevel manager at NeXT contacts Apple about the possibility of Cupertino licensing NeXT’s OpenStep operating system. Garrett L. Rice’s communication with Ellen Hancock, Apple’s

Today in Apple history: Rare Apple-1 sells for crazy money

November 23, 2010: An early Apple-1 computer, complete with its original packaging and a letter signed by Steve Jobs, sells for $210,000. At the time, it ranks as the most expensive personal computer

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs secures Macintosh name

November 16, 1982: Intent on calling Apple’s upcoming personal computer the “Macintosh,” Steve Jobs pens an impassioned plea to audio company McIntosh Laboratory asking permission to use the name. You

Today in Apple history: Apple begins retail venture inside CompUSA

November 4, 1997: Apple unveils its plan to open small “store within a store” sections inside CompUSA outlets around the United States. In a step toward the flagship Apple stores that would launch

Today in Apple history: iPhone is crowned 2007’s ‘invention of the year’

November 1, 2007: Six months after it was first shown off by Steve Jobs, the iPhone becomes Time magazine’s “best invention of the year.” The iPhone stands out from the rest of 2007’s gadget pack,

Today in Apple history: iTunes video takes world by storm

October 31, 2005: Less than three weeks after launching video downloads with iTunes 6, Apple reveals that it has already sold more than 1 million music videos. Apple’s dive into the online digital

Today in Apple history: Devs get the key to unlock iPhone’s awesome power

March 6, 2008: Apple releases the iPhone software development kit, finally allowing devs to start developing native mobile apps for the iPhone. When the App Store eventually opens a few months later,