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Today in Apple history: Apple puts 1,000 songs in your pocket with first-gen iPod

October 23, 2001: Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the first iPod, a device capable of holding an entire music library in a highly portable package. The first-generation device boasts a 5GB hard drive

Today in Apple history: Apple and Cisco settle over ‘iPhone’ name

February 21, 2007: Apple comes to an agreement with Cisco over the iPhone trademark, which Cisco legally owns but Apple wants to use. Under the agreement, both companies get to use the iPhone

Today in Apple history: Time crowns iPhone ‘invention of the year’

November 1, 2007: Six months after Steve Jobs showed it off, the original iPhone becomes Time magazine’s “best invention of the year.” The iPhone stands out from the rest of 2007’s gadget pack, which

Today in Apple history: iPod Photo brings color display to music machine

October 26, 2004: Apple debuts its iPod Photo, a device capable of putting not just 15,000 songs in your pocket, but also 25,000 photographs. It is the first iPod to offer a color screen and the

Today in Apple history: The App Store hits 200 million downloads

October 22, 2008: During an Apple conference call, Steve Jobs reveals that a user downloaded the 200 millionth app from the App Store that very day. The news comes less than five months after the

Today in Apple history: iMac goes big with 27-inch display

October 20, 2009: Apple goes big with its iMac redesign, introducing the first 27-inch all-in-one Mac. The aluminum unibody design looks so good that the iMac will remain virtually unchanged for

Today in Apple history: Apple offers ice water to Windows users in hell

October 16, 2003: Six months after opening the iTunes Music Store for Mac owners, Apple expands the service to cover Windows PCs as well. Steve Jobs later quips that making iTunes available to Windows

Today in Apple history: Tim Cook becomes Apple’s chief operating officer

October 14, 2005: Tim Cook takes the reins as Apple’s chief operating officer, continuing an upward climb through the company’s ranks that will make him CEO less than six years later. “Tim and I have

Today in Apple history: Bono’s (Product)Red iPod nano fights HIV/AIDS

October 13, 2006: Apple launches its limited-edition iPod nano (Product)Red Special Edition music player, with 10% of profits going to fight AIDS in Africa. Created in association with U2 lead singer

Today in Apple history: Macs get that iSyncing feeling

September 30, 2002: Apple introduces iSync, a tool that lets Mac users synchronize their address books and calendars with their cellphones, iPods and Palm OS-compatible handheld organizers via

Today in Apple history: Logic Pro 7 shows Apple is still serious about creatives

September 29, 2004: Apple debuts Logic Pro 7, its pro-grade music creation and audio production software. The update brings new tools and a streamlined interface in line with other Apple software.

Today in Apple history: iPod nano gets colorful aluminum upgrade

September 25, 2006: Apple ships its second-generation iPod nano, offering a fancy redesign of the pocket-size original. Among the new iPod nano’s improvements is a slimmer, anodized aluminum casing, a

Today in Apple history: Steve Ballmer freaks out and stomps an iPhone

September 11, 2009: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reportedly snatches an iPhone from a Microsoft employee during a meeting and pretends to destroy it. This isn’t the first time Ballmer behaves in a

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs returns following liver transplant

September 9, 2009: Steve Jobs makes his public return to Apple after successful liver-transplant surgery. Appearing onstage at Apple’s fall event, Jobs receives a standing ovation that lasts almost a

Today in Apple history: iTunes Store hits 10 million music downloads

September 8, 2003: Apple reveals that it has sold its 10 millionth iTunes song download. The tune in question? Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated.” Come to think of it, “You fall and you crawl and you break

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs unveils Rokr E1, the first iTunes phone

September 7, 2005: Apple and Motorola launch the Rokr E1, the first Cupertino-sanctioned cellphone to run iTunes. Steve Jobs is very unhappy with the results. The compromised device shows what a error

Today in Apple history: $200 iPhone discount fuels fan backlash

September 5, 2007: Just months after the first iPhone went on sale, Apple ditches its bottom-tier 4GB model and cuts the price of the 8GB version by $200. A rare misstep (considering Apple’s usual

Today in Apple history: iMac G5 takes a page out of the iPod’s playbook

August 31, 2004: Apple launches the iMac G5, a distinctive, white plastic computer that looks a little like the world’s biggest iPod. Housed in a 2-inch-thick enclosure reminiscent of Apple’s Cinema

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs gets embroiled in stock-backdating scandal

August 29, 2001: During a meeting, Apple’s board of directors awards Steve Jobs new stock options that will become part of a stock-backdating scandal several years later. When the matter eventually

Today in Apple history: Flash controversy results in banned iPhone ad

August 27, 2008: The U.K. bans an iPhone ad for apparently misleading consumers. The misleading bit? The ad overhypes the iPhone’s internet-surfing abilities. It does this by not mentioning that the