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Today in Apple history: Rainbow Apple logo gets a modern overhaul

August 27, 1999: Apple replaces the striped, multicolored logo it used since 1977 with a new single-color version. The replacement of the iconic logo shocks many longtime Apple fans. However, it is

Today in Apple history: Toy Story 2 arrives in theaters

November 24, 1999: Steve Jobs gets another feather in his cap when Toy Story 2, the sequel to the 1995 Pixar hit, debuts in theaters. It goes on to become the first animated sequel in history to gross

Today in Apple history: Dell PCs overtake Macs in education market

October 27, 1999: Dell Computer overtakes Apple in the educational market, stealing Cupertino’s crown as the top company selling computers to U.S. schools. Steve Jobs, who is still in the process of

Today in Apple history: OS 9 is ‘classic Mac’ operating system’s last stand

October 23, 1999: Apple releases Mac OS 9, the last version of the classic Mac operating system before the company will make the leap to OS X a couple years later. It does not veer far from OS 8 in

Today in Apple history: PowerBook 100 series is a smash hit

October 21, 1991: Apple launches its PowerBook 100 series. The lightweight laptops quickly become one of the most important tech gadgets of all time. These devices almost single-handedly turned

Today in Apple history: The forgotten first Mac with an internal CD-ROM

October 19, 1992: Apple launches the Mac IIvx, the first Macintosh computer to ship with a metal case and, more importantly, an internal CD-ROM drive. The last of the Macintosh II series, the Mac IIvx

Today in Apple history: Performa 6360 is a low-cost multimedia Mac

October 17, 1996: Apple launches its Performa 6360 Mac in North America, sold elsewhere as the Power Macintosh 6300/160. An impressive multimedia Mac, the Performa 6360 comes bundled with a TV/video

Today in Apple history: John Sculley bids Apple a $10 million farewell

October 15, 1993: John Sculley, the CEO responsible for forcing Steve Jobs out of Apple, is forced to leave the company himself. Following a terrible quarter, in which the company posted a 97% drop in

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs prepares to take Pixar public

October 11, 1995: Steve Jobs files the paperwork to float Pixar Animation Studios on the stock market. A turning point in Jobs’ life, the Pixar initial public offering turns him into a billionaire.

Today in Apple history: The elusive Macintosh Color Classic II ships

October 10, 1993: Apple ships its Macintosh Color Classic II, the last of the 9-inch compact Macs. Also known as the Performa 275, the Color Classic II will eventually become something of a

Today in Apple history: The Beatles beat Apple in court

October 9, 1991: A court orders Apple to pay $26.5 million to Apple Corps, The Beatles’ record label and holding company, for trademark infringement. It is the second time Apple is forced to pay The

Today in Apple history: Michael Dell says he’d shut down Apple

October 6, 1997: Michael Dell makes an infamously bleak appraisal of Apple’s fortunes. Asked what he would do with the struggling company, the founder of Dell Inc. says he would “shut it down and give

Today in Apple history: CEO Michael Spindler denies Apple is a ‘lame duck’

October 3, 1994: Apple CEO Michael Spindler reassures the world that Apple “is not a lame-duck company.” Why would anyone suspect that it is? The answer lies in Apple’s collapsing Mac sales, massive

Today in Apple history: IBM and Apple shake and make up

October 2, 1991: As the Cold War comes to an end, hell freezes over a second time as Apple and IBM agree to put aside their differences. Having been bitter rivals for the past decade, the two tech

Today in Apple history: ‘Here’s to the crazy ones’ who ‘think different’

September 28, 1997: Apple debuts its iconic “Think different” television commercial, aligning the troubled computer company with some of history’s most celebrated freethinking rebels. The most famous

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs reports Apple’s $161 million loss

September 26, 1997: In one of his first tasks after returning to Apple as interim CEO, Steve Jobs reveals the company’s massive quarterly loss of $161 million. Giving investors the bad news is

Today in Apple history: Google comes out of beta

September 21, 1999: A little startup called Google comes out of beta, with the launch of a website that will let the general public easily search the internet for information. To Apple, which is

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs leaves and rejoins Apple

September 16, 1985 and 1997: Twice on this day, Steve Jobs makes significant moves with regard to his career at Apple. In 1985, he quits the company he co-founded. Then, a decade and a half later, he

Today in Apple history: Raging success of Windows 95 gets Cupertino worried

September 6, 1995: The newly launched Windows 95 operating system dominates software sales, sending virtually every other company scurrying for cover — Apple included. Microsoft’s $85 PC operating

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs flip-flops on the Newton

September 4, 1997: The writing is on the wall for Apple’s Newton product line as Steve Jobs tells executives at the newly spun-off company not to bother moving into their new offices. It’s quite the