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Today in Apple history: The world prepares for the NeXT Computer

October 24, 1988: Three years after leaving Apple, Steve Jobs prepares to launch the NeXT Computer, a machine he hopes will cement his reputation as a tech genius and blow away the machines produced

Today in Apple history: Apple lays out its core company values

September 23, 1981: Years before Steve Jobs would tell us to “think different” and Tim Cook would say Apple should act as a “force for good,” Cupertino lays out what it calls its “Apple Values.”

Today in Apple history: The first portable Macintosh arrives

September 20, 1989: Apple releases the Macintosh Portable, its pre-PowerBook attempt at introducing the world to a battery-powered Mac you could take on the road. At a time when Tim Burton’s Batman is

Today in Apple history: NeXT customers get early taste of OS X

September 18, 1989: Steve Jobs’ company NeXT Inc. ships version 1.0 of NeXTStep, its object-oriented, multitasking operating system. Incredibly advanced for its time, NeXTStep is described by The New

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs leaves and rejoins Apple

September 16, 1985 and 1997: Twice on this day, Steve Jobs makes significant moves with regard to his career at Apple. In 1985, he quits the company he co-founded. Then, a decade and a half later, he

Today in Apple history: The final Apple II model arrives

September 15, 1988: Apple releases the Apple IIc Plus, the sixth and final model in the Apple II computer series. It’s a great machine, with impressive capabilities, but suffers from poor marketing

Today in Apple history: One of Apple’s earliest rivals bites the dust

September 13, 1983: Osborne Computer Corporation, one of Apple’s early rivals, declares bankruptcy. Many consider the company’s Osborne 1 the world’s first truly portable, full-featured computer. It

Today in Apple history: Macintosh 512K, aka the ‘Fat Mac,’ quadruples the memory

September 10, 1984: Apple ships the Macintosh 512K, the first upgrade to the first-gen Macintosh 128K. Coming less than eight months after the original Macintosh, the 512K Mac makes no sweeping

Today in Apple history: Woz stages an epic concert

September 3, 1982: The Us Festival, an extravagant music and technology event staged by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, kicks off in California. The fest costs $8 million to stage, and boasts

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs prepares to take on Apple

September 2, 1985: Reports claim Steve Jobs is on the verge of setting up his own company to compete with Apple. The rumors fly after Jobs sells Apple stock holdings worth $21.43 million. For anyone

Today in Apple history: Apple’s war with IBM commences

August 12, 1981: The launch of the IBM Personal Computer ignites a long-running Apple-versus-PC rivalry. Secure in the Apple II’s technical superiority over the new PC, Apple welcomes International

Today in Apple history: Macintosh SE gets supersized storage

August 1, 1989: Apple gives the Macintosh SE a storage bump, courtesy of the new SuperDrive. Capable of handling high-density floppy discs, the drive offers an astonishing 1.4MB of storage. In terms

Today in Apple history: Apple launches ill-fated Lisa project

July 30, 1979: Apple engineers begin work on the Lisa computer, the company’s first to come with a graphical user interface and mouse. Incorporating technology Steve Jobs saw at Xerox PARC, the Lisa

Today in Apple history: Mac marketing guru Joanna Hoffman is born

July 27, 1955: Joanna Hoffman, who will join the original Macintosh and NeXT teams and become Steve Jobs’ first right-hand woman, is born in Poland. Six months younger than Jobs, the marketing

Today in Apple history: Windows scores big victory over Mac

July 25, 1989: Apple suffers a major setback in its copyright-infringement lawsuit against Microsoft for allegedly stealing the Mac’s “look and feel” to create Windows. Apple sued Microsoft on 189

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs visits the Soviet Union

July 4, 1985: Steve Jobs visits Moscow for the first time, with the aim of selling Macs to the Russians. During his two-day trip, Jobs lectures computer science students in the Soviet Union, attends a

Today in Apple history: Bill Gates urges Apple to license Mac OS

June 25, 1985: Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates sends a memo to Apple execs suggesting that Cupertino should license its Mac operating system and additional technology to other companies Apple CEO John

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs says Apple is being run by ‘caretakers’

May 27, 1986: An exiled Steve Jobs takes a shot at Apple after the company ditches Chiat/Day, the ad agency that created the iconic “1984” Macintosh ad. In a full-page ad published in The Wall Street

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs attempts a boardroom coup

May 23, 1985: Bitter about being ousted from his position running the Macintosh division, Steve Jobs attempts to stage a coup to seize control of Apple from CEO John Sculley. The 30-year-old Apple

Today in Apple history: AppleLink Personal Edition is the precursor to AOL

May 20, 1988: Apple launches AppleLink Personal Edition, a user-facing online service which lets Apple customers connect using a Mac-style user interface. Years before Apple got serious about its