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It’s Okay To Like Low Cars

These methods are generally shaped over the course of our lifetimes and are influenced by our surroundings, upbringings, friends and family. There is no right or wrong way (within reason I suppose,

The 1,000.1hp R32-Powered Audi RS4

There’s always one. That one car that stands out from the others. Not because it’s necessarily better, but because it appeals to you on a certain level. Wörthersee is full of cars that make you think

Preserving An Icon: The R.Y.O. Japan AE86

Some cars have been carefully and brilliantly reimagined, such as the ex-BN Sports PS13. There’s a former D1GP Silvia which is still in action, an ex-Shino Kouba AE86 which is currently living its

Koenig C62: The King Of Rad Era Tuning

Vehicle customization is one of the most, if not the most critical component of the automotive community today. Without it, we wouldn’t be here right now. It dates as far back as the end of the 18th

What Makes My Kind Of Volkswagen

This comes across as tiresome to a lot of you, particularly when it comes to areas of car culture that some consider irredeemable (hello there, onikyan). While we always try to see the best in things,

Sick Seconds: Cruising With America’s Fastest Street Car

Certain experiences stay with you more than others. Hanging out the window of an AMC Rambler to take photos as we cruised alongside the 2018 Drag Week-winning car months after its victory was one of

Late In The Day: The Road To Wörthersee

Ireland to Goodwood, Ireland to Germany, Germany to Belgium and now Germany to Austria. For all the mileage I’ve clocked up within this time frame, I don’t think any of the others can rival the

An Unabashed Street Car: Richi Bautista’s Subaru WRX

While it makes ample sense to carve out space for purpose-built race cars, genre-bending drift cars, drool-worthy restomods and top-dollar exotics, too much of those and the site becomes a little hard

Waging War At The GT-R Challenge

When was the last time you spent a weekend surrounded by 1,000hp+ street-driven cars bashing their rev limiters? Don’t feel bad if your recreational time has been somewhat horsepower deficient,

Chasing Low-Eights On A Rural Runway

When’s the last time you spent a weekend surrounded by street driven 1000-horsepowered cars bashing the rev limiter? Don’t feel bad if you’re recreational time has been somewhat horsepower deficient.

An AE86 Which Shows How Simple Is Best

For the record, I do admire unique approaches and ingenious design solutions as much as the next person, but I also recognise that sometimes the best solutions already exist. And often for a reason,

Paying Tribute To A JDM Icon In Malaysia

You’re looking to get into the car game for the very first time, and you’re looking for an affordable, fun platform to get your hands on. Being somewhat young, you don’t have a lot of money to spend

When It’s OK To Rocket Bunny

Few automotive styling trends have divided opinion in recent years quite like the current predisposition for over-fenders. As has been pointed countless times already, it’s not really a ‘trend’ in the