Celo forms Alliance for Prosperity network to create cryptocurrency for remittances and philanthropy

Celo forms Alliance for Prosperity network to create cryptocurrency for remittances and philanthropy

The Celo Foundation is announcing the Alliance for Prosperity, a network that provides a digital currency for people who can benefit from financial access.
Libra rival Celo launches 50-member Alliance For Prosperity

Libra rival Celo launches 50-member Alliance For Prosperity

Some Libra Association members like Andreessen Horowitz and Coinbase Ventures are double-dipping, backing a competing cryptocurrency developer platform. Launching today with over 50 partners,
Shopify joins Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra Association

Shopify joins Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra Association

After eBay, Visa, Stripe and other high-profile partners ditched the Facebook -backed cryptocurrency collective, Libra scored a win today with the addition of Shopify. The e-commerce platform will

EU Official: We Can’t Regulate Libra Without More Details

The European Union is still trying to figure out what to do about Libra, according to a new memo.

DeFiance: billion-dollar finance, million-dollar hacks, and very little value

Over the last year or so, most of the cryptocurrency world has pivoted from the failure of “fat protocol” tokens and ICOs, and the faltering growth of “Layer 2” payments like Lightning and the late

Libra Vice Chair Not Worried About the Leavers

Libra Vice Chair Dante A. Disparte said some departing Libra partners left the door wide open for an eventual return. They will be welcomed back when they're ready.

Bank of England’s Stablecoin Ruling Targets Financial Stability, Exec Says

Financial stability was a key factor in the Bank of England's decision to hold stablecoin payment systems to the same regulatory standards as existing payment chains.

No Libra-style digital currencies without rules, say EU finance ministers

European Union finance ministers have agreed to a de facto ban on the launch in the region of so-called global “stablecoins” such as Facebook’s planned Libra digital currency until the bloc has a

Stablecoin Crisis Could Wreck Global Finance, Fed Warns in New Report

The Fed warned that a stablecoin crisis could wreak havoc on the global economy and outlined the steps issuers must take to protect the status quo.

French Central Bank Job Posting Reveals Digital Currency Program

Banque de France is seeking a blockchain analyst who will help the bank define a program for implementing digital currency.

MakerDAO Proposes New DAI Ceiling After Hitting $100 Million Cap

MakerDAO loans now hold more than $339 million worth of ether. With the launch of multi-collateral DAI set for later this month, what comes next?

Libra’s critics are missing the forest for the trees

Critics of Facebook's proposed stablecoin are well-intentioned, but they're missing the forest for the trees.

Global Crypto Framework Needed to Stop ‘Regulatory Arbitrage,’ Watchdog Warns

Hong Kong’s securities regulator says the world needs a united response to stablecoins like Libra to avoid firms setting up in laxer jurisdictions.

Tradewind, Canadian Mint to Verify Origins of Precious Metals on Blockchain

Tradewind Markets is tracking the geography, name and standards of mines that produce precious metals for the Royal Canadian Mint.

Former Fed Nominee Stephen Moore Backs Fractional Reserve Stablecoin

Stephen Moore, whose failed bid to join the Fed imploded within months, has a new plan to disrupt global finance: a fractional reserved-backed stablecoin.

Fearing USD Decline, Ex-CFTC Heads Propose a Blockchain-Based Digital Dollar

Two former ranking members of the CFTC offered up a plan for a government-sanctioned, blockchain-based digital dollar.

Coinbase users will earn rewards on USDC holdings

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase wants to foster USDC adoption by letting you earn rewards when you keep USDC on your Coinbase account. Essentially, if you’re a U.S. customer, your Coinbase account

Facebook's Libra currency will get half its backing from the US dollar

Facebook was quick to promise that its Libra cryptocurrency would have the stability of real-world money behind it, but whose money will dominate? It's now particularly clear. Facebook sent a letter
We’re maybe sort of kinda getting close to a real bitcoin ETF

We’re maybe sort of kinda getting close to a real bitcoin ETF

Hedge funds and banks can buy bitcoin through a new fund.

Binance launches Venus, which it calls an ‘independent, regional version’ of Facebook’s Libra

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced today that it will launch an open blockchain project called Venus to develop regional stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies (or