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Company in unproven spy chip story moving business out of China

California-based Super Micro Computer is moving server production out of China. The company was last year at the center of a damaging story from Bloomberg. The article alleged that spy chips had been

Apple bars Bloomberg from iPad event as payback for spy chip story

Apple and Amazon are already starting to make retaliatory moves on Bloomberg Businessweek for its claims that the two companies’ servers were hacked by China. Amazon pulled its Q4 ads from Bloomberg’s

Tim Cook calls on Bloomberg to retract Chinese spy chip claims

Apple CEO Tim Cook is fighting back against a story from Bloomberg that claimed Chinese hackers put spy chips in Apple and Amazon’s servers. In a recent interview, Cook went on the record for the

NSA can’t find evidence of Chinese spy chips in Apple servers

The tech world has been rocked by allegations that companies, including Apple and Amazon, were sold data servers compromised by Chinese spies. However, a senior cyber security advisor to the National

Top cybersecurity agency says ‘no reason to doubt’ Apple on Chinese spy chips

The U.K.’s national cyber security agency has chimed in with its assessment of the recent report claiming that multiple companies — including Apple — had malicious chips inserted by Chinese spies into