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The Challenge Of Modifying In Japan: Project Rough Goes Through Shaken

How is it possible for Japanese car enthusiasts to get away with that? It’s a phrase I’ve heard countless times on various social media platforms. And for good reason, too – here in Japan there are no

Project 51: Meet Mr. In Too Deep

As enthusiasts, we’re naturally more in tune with our own cars and the ones around us, than those who just see automobiles as items of convenience. We apply just that little extra bit of throttle

Six Sets & Counting: My Year With The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

We’re divided by car choice, engine aspiration, driven wheels, gearbox type and even the vehicle’s country of origin. We’ll take this to the point of arguing blind with strangers on the internet to

Project NSX At The Honda Nats

In the last Project NSX update, we were spinning dyno hubs at Chequered Tuning. A couple of weeks later it was time to push the rubber down the road. It all started a few months back at the packed

Project NSX: Dreams Of Power – Part Two

In Project NSX: Dreams Of Power – Part One we had the Honda’s engine out for some hardware upgrades and a general freshen up to improve power and reliability of the 27-year-old C30A. Since then the

Project Cars: Knowing When To Stop

Firstly, I’m about to talk about why it’s important to know when to stop messing about with a car, so that pretty much renders the 106 useless as a project. And secondly, despite the Peugeot popping

Take The Finest Ingredients & Season With SCHROTH

Accessories can make or break an outfit, just like how the final finishing touches can make or break your car build. The devil is very much in the detail and a slip at the last hurdle can either make

Just Because You’re Old Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Cool

Ask a kid to draw a car and you might find it will resemble this three box coupe. Yeah OK, the E21 was the first of the 3 Series breed and perhaps the purest form, and the 2002 certainly broke more

Pew Pew! Project NSX Gets Seated With Cobra

In the last update, Project NSX had the engine dropped for some new go-fast bits and was due for a tune. Let’s press pause on that story for a second and move from the engine bay into the cabin, where

Project 10AE: Hello & Goodbye

Before I get started on this, I should probably preface my ownership of this car with a bit of a disclaimer: This car was never meant to be a Speedhunters project car, and it isn’t a particularly nice

Project NSX: Dreams Of Power – Part One

At the end of my last Project NSX update, the car was deregistered at the Saitama Land Transport office and ready to make the journey Down Under to its new garage in Melbourne, Australia. The car

Project Rough Hunts For Grip… & A Bit Of Style

A wise man once told me that a car’s suspension setup and tires are the most important thing if you want to be quick around the track or on your favorite backroad. He’s obviously right; without the

Activating Grip In Project Nine

Sure, it was a last minute request and I was clearly the backup option, but what the hell, I agreed to help a mate out. Because in most situations helping friends is the right course of action to

Saying Sayonara: Project NSX’s Last Drive In Japan

Since I left Japan, I get the same question all the time: ‘What do you miss the most?’ If I’m feeling a bit philosophical after a few beers, I might say that seductive mix of old and new worlds. Or,

Project NSX Tests Tyres at Tsukuba

We last parted ways in October with Project NSX finally getting some serious performance chops thanks to a proper performance exhaust manifold from Fujitsubo. Note: this story was written in January,

The 3,000+km Journey Getting The Newest Speedhunters Project Car Home

If you don’t count the dreaded boat ride from Okinawa to the seaside city of Kagoshima on the southernmost tip of Japan’s Kyushu island, the journey was a little over 2,000kms, taking nothing but

Project GTI: Cooling Down

I’m fully convinced that Ireland has the sneakiest weather system in the world. Just when you think you’re over the worst of it, it plays the ‘one more thing’ card and either dumps snow on us, or

Project RS4: Creature Comforts

I’m completely unapologetic as to state of the outside of Project RS4 right now. It’s cold, miserable, wet and freezing outside. The roads are covered in grime, slush and salt and cleaning it would be

Project GT-R Meets Sparco SPX Carbon Seats

You wouldn’t believe how many times I get asked this, and rightly so. My good ol’ BNR34, which in around two months’ time will turn 20 years old, has been slowly progressing, even while on the back

Project GTI: The Highs & Lows

It has always fascinated me how sometimes the smallest of things, can make the biggest of changes. It was only through the process of gathering the photographs together for this update, that I