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Miami Nights: The Art Of Lowriding

I always think of American car culture as having peaked in the ’80s or ’90s, when vintage drag racing and car shows spread out over hot lawns seemed to reach maximum velocity. The hype portrayed in

Origins: Hunting Speed

Everyone loves an origin story. In early 2016, an aspiring journalist (Maurice Malone), and an aspiring photographer (me), crossed paths. What would transpire, over the next few months, would be two

Global Auto Salon Riyadh: The Main Event

When I really started to think about it, I realized that I couldn’t recall ever seeing any sort of event coverage coming out of Saudi Arabia in the past – besides the crazy YouTube stuff, of course –

Cars & Coffee, Saudi Arabian Style

Unfortunately for me, my delayed flight at London’s insult of an airport caused me to miss the opening event of the Global Auto Salon, but luckily, my buddy Danny Phantom had a bit of a better

Regio Classic VW: Celebrating The Air-Cooled Life In Mexico

The esplanade at Arena Monterrey played host to the event, which has run every two years since 2011, but was absent for the past couple. Of course, it’s return was very much welcomed, with

Welcome To Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Being that I had never left the North American continent before, the latter is predominantly how I felt when I packed my bags and made way over the Atlantic Ocean, to a neighboring country not too far

37 Years Later: The Return Of The Kyalami 9 Hour

Whether you’re a fan of sports car racing or not, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Kyalami 9 Hour. The international event ran in South Africa between 1958 and 1982, with the final race won

The Challenge Of Modifying In Japan: Project Rough Goes Through Shaken

How is it possible for Japanese car enthusiasts to get away with that? It’s a phrase I’ve heard countless times on various social media platforms. And for good reason, too – here in Japan there are no

Behind The Wheel Of The Leaf Nismo RC

But I’m not here to get into a debate, I’m here to tell you about an unexpected surprise. A few months back Nissan invited me to sample the Leaf Nismo RC, where the ‘RC’ part stands for ‘Race

Meet Japan’s BMW 2002 Club

While there aren’t any hidden neon lights or bosozoku-inspired styling here (Japan’s 2002 Club are quite traditional in that respect), there was something quite Japanese about how this impromptu meet

Six Sets & Counting: My Year With The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

We’re divided by car choice, engine aspiration, driven wheels, gearbox type and even the vehicle’s country of origin. We’ll take this to the point of arguing blind with strangers on the internet to

Project NSX At The Honda Nats

In the last Project NSX update, we were spinning dyno hubs at Chequered Tuning. A couple of weeks later it was time to push the rubber down the road. It all started a few months back at the packed

Rediscovering The True Meaning Of A Road Trip

It only takes a few words to get me excited. Traversing local backroads instead of boring expressways, discovering the side of a country that normally isn’t highlighted by travel sites, and doing it

Tuning Like It’s 1999

Moral was low, and in our desperation we sought out and bought into every last rumor that automotive publications and the odd blog were throwing around at the time. We lived in hope and anticipation,

Let Your Inner Tuner Customize Away

Not only does the new game allow for total customization of bodywork, paint, decals and liveries, its extensive use of real-world parts from some of our favorite brands, means you can actually create

Project Cars: Knowing When To Stop

Firstly, I’m about to talk about why it’s important to know when to stop messing about with a car, so that pretty much renders the 106 useless as a project. And secondly, despite the Peugeot popping

The 72 Hours Before SEMA

The past 72 hours have involved a trip from London to Los Angeles, lots of sleep deprivation, and a handful of photoshoots in various locations across a couple of states. Usually we’d have Dino on

Essence Of Style

In 2018, the three separate trips I took to LA ended adding up to me spending over 10% of the year in this sprawling, urban city. A paradise that sits in a coastal basin with canyon-laden mountains

Visiting Japan? Don’t Forget The Cars…

I’ve been attracted to Japanese cars since my childhood. I was born in the ’80s and was a typical teenager in ’90s growing up with video games filled with high performance Japanese cars. This is how

Mr. K’s Personal 240Z

On February 19, 2015, the automotive world was shocked by the passing of one of the most influential figures in its history. Known most notably for his achievements as president of Nissan USA, Mr.