Snapchat users can share Reddit posts directly with their friends

Snapchat is rolling out an easy way for you to share the best things you find on Reddit with your friends. You'll see Snapchat among the options when you tap the share button on Reddit, as long as you

Facebook limits ad targeting following discrimination settlement

Facebook has settled the lawsuit accusing the company of violating housing discrimination law through its ad system, and it's making changes to reduce the chances of future issues with housing ads and

Internet Archive races to preserve public Google+ posts

Just because Google+ is shutting down on April 2nd doesn't mean your years of social posts will be lost in the void. The ArchiveTeam recently started caching public Google+ content to make it

US conducts criminal investigation into Facebook's data deals

Investigations into Facebook's data handling keep piling up. The New York Times has learned that federal prosecutors are in the midst of a criminal investigation into the data deals Facebook arranged

Facebook helps you host viewing parties for live TV

Facebook's Watch Party won't just help you help watch online videos with friends -- it'll soon help with old-school TV. The social network is launching a new Watch Party experience that will let you

Twitter's experimental beta testing app is available today

Twitter is making good on its promise of testing new conversation features in public. The social network has launched Twttr, an experimental app that lets early adopters try prototypes of new Twitter

Facebook sues two Ukranians over data-stealing browser add-ons

Facebook is all too aware of how developers can make off with private data, and it's willing to go to court to fight that behavior. The Verge has learned that the social network sued two Ukranian men,

Facebook removes fake accounts stoking political tension in UK

Facebook just cracked down on more fake accounts in the UK, and this time it was a relatively sophisticated scheme. The social network has pulled 137 bogus accounts (including for Instagram), groups

Mark Zuckerberg outlines a 'privacy-focused' revamp of Facebook

Facebook doesn't have a sterling reputation for privacy given its numerous data scandals, and Mark Zuckerberg wants to address it. In a reflection of what he said during a recent fiscal results call,

Facebook reportedly took three years to tackle fake news in one country

Facebook is quick to tout its efforts to thwart misinformation campaigns in major European countries and the US, but its approach in other countries might not be quite so enthusiastic. Developers in

Twitter bans right-wing activist Jacob Wohl over fake accounts

Twitter has cracked down on one of its more overt offenders. The social network told Daily Beast it has banned conservative activist Jacob Wohl for "multiple violations" of its rules by creating and

Facebook says it has 'work to do' improving moderator job conditions

Facebook hasn't been shy about hiring thousands of moderators to screen content that violates its policies, but there hasn't been much insight into conditions for those moderators. And unfortunately,

Instagram code hints at Pinterest-style public collections

Instagram hasn't been shy about borrowing a page from Pinterest's book through its Collections feature, and it might be ready to take things a step further. Software sleuth Jane Manchun Wong has

Facebook allowed advertisers to target users interested in Nazism

Facebook still has some work to do if it wants to eliminate racist criteria from its ad targeting. The company has pulled numerous audience groupings from its ad plaform after the LA Times discovered

Pinterest blocks some searches to curb anti-vaccination myths

Social networks have made a number of efforts to halt the spread of anti-vaccination myths, but Pinterest recently took things a step further: it's curbing all talk about vaccination. The site has

Social app Peach is looking for a benefactor on Twitter

Remember Peach? The social network from Vine founder Dom Hoffmann was briefly all the rage, but petered out as the realities of competing with Twitter (and every other social network) set in. It's

House committee hopes to question Facebook over group privacy

Facebook is facing even more government scrutiny this week. Members of the House of Representatives' Energy and Commerce Committee have asked to meet Facebook over concerns about group privacy.

Mueller subpoenas Cambridge Analytica director in Russia probe

Cambridge Analytica may be no more, but those connected to it are facing an increasing amount of scrutiny. Former business development director Brittany Kaiser has confirmed to The Guardian through a

UK parliament report will call for 'sweeping' regulation of Facebook

The UK Parliament's Facebook document dump is close to creating serious legal trouble for the social network. According to The Guardian, the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee plans to

Facebook suspends Pages from Russia-linked viral video company

Facebook's crackdown on Russia-linked accounts has usually taken down outlets with a relatively small presence, but its latest move is more substantial. The social network has suspended three Pages