Forgotten But Not Gone: The R33 GT-R LM Limited

Maybe it’s the sight of a Hakosuka tearing around Tsukuba? How about a Top Secret monster hurtling down the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line at 300km/h? For our younger readers, it might even be the sound of a

The Best Way To Learn How To Drive

Manufacturers can continuously tell us how well-balanced their sports cars are – or in the case of Nissan and their original Leaf, how well-distributed weight is on an EV – but unless you try it out

Wide & Wicked: An 800hp R34 Skyline GT-R

Think of super-desirable Japanese cars and the Nissan Skyline BNR34 GT-R will always be near the top of the list. Add to that a large number of high quality modifications and you’re peaking. You are

Teaching Nissan’s Old Dog Some 2020 Tricks

And in hindsight I should’ve got my wallet out, because that’s exactly what happened as Dino handily explained. But tucked away from the glitz, glamour and heavily-zoomed lenses trained to seek out

Liberty Walk’s Silhouette Skyline: The Best Kind Of Inspiration

Online reactions to these builds are usually fueled by equal amounts surprise, admiration and criticism. That’s probably to do with the fact that much of what Liberty Walk has done in the past

The 3 Most Important Cars Of TAS 2020

There were plenty of standout cars at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon, but of all those on display at the Makuhari Messe over the past few days, three really stood out to me – and they were all from

The Challenge Of Modifying In Japan: Project Rough Goes Through Shaken

How is it possible for Japanese car enthusiasts to get away with that? It’s a phrase I’ve heard countless times on various social media platforms. And for good reason, too – here in Japan there are no
A Sunset Photo of San Francisco That Shows the Passage of Time

A Sunset Photo of San Francisco That Shows the Passage of Time

Andrea Fanelli merges 4 photos into 1 to show the passage of time

Farewelling A JDM Icon

About a month ago, I made the decision: I’d sell my 1970 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT. This wasn’t the first time the thought had crossed my mind, but unlike all those other occasions, this time it felt
Toronto from the Railways

Toronto from the Railways

Daily Photo – Toronto from the Railways When photographing new cities, I often randomly walk from bridge to bridge to see what I can find in terms of new perspectives. Most of the time, it’s a total

Finding An R33 GT-R Powerhouse In The Middle Of Nowhere

When the subject of Nissan’s Skyline GT-R comes up in automotive talk, it’ll nearly always be about the BNR32 or BNR34. The latter is definitely my favorite; the BCNR33, not so much. But as I found

Six Selects From Ireland’s Finest BBQ

Instead, consider this an introduction to six cars, some of which I’m going to try and hunt down for more in-depth features in the coming weeks and months. You know, proper Speedhunting. These are

Red Rock Redemption: The Las Vegas Hakosuka

Simply put, some cars are more special than others. Many are quite special to a few, and a few are a little bit special to many. Then, there are the rare holy grail type cars, the ones that appeal to

A Spontaneous Sunday Hunting In Indonesia

With my weekend schedule freed up due to the cancellation of the ICEMOD (Indonesia Car Enthusiast & Modifications) event, a new goal was set: hunting out Indonesian car culture. There was no real

Photographer + Filmmaker Joseph DiGiovanna’s 30-Year Time-Lapse of NYC

Four years—and some four million photos—into a project of epic proportions, New Jersey-based photographer and filmmaker Joseph DiGiovanna aims to capture NYC’s skyline under transformation. To
Nissan Develops Self-Steering Golf Ball for ‘Stress-Free’ Perfect Putts

Nissan Develops Self-Steering Golf Ball for ‘Stress-Free’ Perfect Putts

Al Czervik (Caddyshack) never had it this good: a golf ball with Nissan ProPilot technology embedded the guides an errant golf ball into the hole. A drone overhead calibrates the path. Just the thing

The Ratty Drift Hakosuka

At SLY Summit’s grassroots drift jamboree this past weekend – an event I’ll be bringing you coverage of very soon – the kyusha class had not one, but four C10 Hakosukas sliding around the Sportsland

Big Style, Small Wheels: An R31 Skyline Done Right

And that challenge is only made harder when the vehicle owner is very passionate about their finished project. One would assume there would always be passion behind every build, but trust me, that

Godzilla In Germany: An R32 GT-R At The N24 Classic

Imported from Japan to the UK, I present you Jason and Louise Kennedy’s tribute to the ’92 Tooheys 1000 Bathurst winner, a stunning R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R that’s clearly not being babied in the

The Super Hok: A Different Kind Of Skyline GTX

Nissan’s R30 and R31 variants have always felt like outcasts of the Skyline lineage, but that hasn’t stopped hardcore fans of the models building up tough examples. The Skyline name is one that’s