GM will bring Super Cruise to 22 vehicles by 2022

The new Cadillac Escalade was just the start of GM's expansion plans for semi-autonomous tech. Company President Mark Reuss told investors that GM would bring Super Cruise to 22 models by 2022, with

Senator calls on Tesla to make Autopilot safety changes

Tesla's Autopilot driving assist technology has come under fire over safety concerns, and now a US politician wants changes to put drivers' minds at ease. Senator Ed Markey has issued recommendations

Cadillac’s 2021 Escalade will boast a 38-inch curved OLED screen

In a teaser video published today, Cadillac offers a glimpse of the 38-inch, curved OLED screen that will arrive in its 2021 Escalade. Cadillac says the display will have "twice the pixel density of a

Tesla Autopilot now recognizes traffic cones

Tesla's Autopilot has been adept at recognizing other cars on the road, but those aren't the only things you have to worry about on the road -- what about the traffic cones that wall you off from

Land Rover Developing Remote Driving for Defender

Jaguar Land Rover is reportedly working a system for the new Defender that would allow for low-speed maneuvers with all occupants outside the car. While it sounds like a good way to guarantee the

Cadillac reveals performance sedans with hands-free SuperCruise

Over 15 years ago Cadillac unveiled the V-Series. A luxury Caddy with an engine and handling meant to compete with BMW's M-Series and Mercedes' AMG lineup. Now the automaker is expanding the

Consumer Reports: Tesla's automatic lane changes pose safety concerns

We found that Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot has its quirks, but Consumer Reports is... slightly more concerned. The publication has claimed that the latest version of the semi-autonomous driving

Tesla's parking lot Summon upgrade arrives in the US next week

Tesla is ready to bring its parking lot-savvy Summon upgrade to its cars in earnest. Elon Musk has revealed that Enhanced Summon will be widely available in the US next week to Tesla owners who sprung

Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot won't need to confirm every lane change

Tesla has long asked you to flick the turn stalk to confirm Autopilot's lane changes, but you won't have to do that for much longer. The EV designer is rolling out an update to Navigate on Autopilot

Tesla's Autopilot may make room for cars entering your lane

Tesla's Autopilot system can ease some of the burden of driving, but it's not always polite (just ask anyone who's been cut off). Now, however, it appears to be learning some added manners. After a

Tesla tests Autopilot navigation for traffic lights and roundabouts

Tesla has teased that Navigate on Autopilot will gradually handle more and more driving responsibilities, but those aren't just fanciful long-term plans -- they're very much on the roadmap for the

Cadillac outranks Tesla in Consumer Reports semi-autonomous tests

It's tempting to assume that Tesla's Autopilot represents the gold standard for semi-autonomous driving features, but Consumer Reports would beg to differ. The publication has released the results of

Scary Stats: Drivers Don’t Know Jack About the Tech In Their Car

Over the weekend, I found myself conversing with a young woman who admitted to being slightly creeped out by modern automotive technology. She had a bone to pick with everything from push-button

Tesla’s Latest Update Killed Some Vehicles’ Autopilot

Tesla’s latest over-the-air update appears to have caused at least a few drivers to lose all Autopilot functionality. While the vehicles seem otherwise intact, the semi-autonomous driving mode that
Tesla's prototype Semi has a 'Mad Max' Autopilot mode

Tesla's prototype Semi has a 'Mad Max' Autopilot mode

You didn't think Tesla's Semi truck would go without a Ludicrous-like software setting just because it's meant for work, did you? Sure enough, it exists. Elon Musk has revealed that the prototype

Tesla Roadster's 'Augmented Mode' will boost your driving ability

Tesla's current semi-autonomous technology helps reduce your driving involvement. Its next big move, however, could encourage you to take a more hands-on approach. Elon Musk has revealed that the new

Maybe Tesla Vehicles Could Use a Seat-shaker Feature…

Hell, maybe they could use a driver monitoring camera, too. In other words, Cadillac’s Super Cruise system. How else would one react to seeing this video of a Tesla employee apparently dozing behind
Tesla Model S in Autopilot collides with police SUV

Tesla Model S in Autopilot collides with police SUV

A Model S driver in Laguna Beach has crashed into a parked (and thankfully unoccupied) police SUV while her EV's Autopilot was reportedly engaged, sustaining minor injuries in the process. It's not

Here’s What Utah Police Discovered About the Final Trip of That Tesla Model S

A few days after last Friday’s collision between an Autopilot-enabled Tesla Model S and a stopped fire department truck, police in South Jordan, Utah blew away the clouds of speculation by stating the

Tesla Model S Crashes While on Autopilot, Leads to Musk vs. the Media

When is an accident not just an accident? When it involves a Tesla, according to Elon Musk. The electric automaker’s CEO took to Twitter to lambaste the media Monday night for reporting on the