samsung galaxy x

Samsung SM-G888N0 not the Galaxy X but a new rugged phone

By the year 2018, we hope to see what Samsung has been working on the past few years when it comes to the foldable phone category. We’ve been saying there will be a Galaxy X but apparently, the

Samsung Galaxy X support page appears, foldable phone may not be far away

Samsung has recently made known that it was finally pushing forward with releasing a foldable phone for the mass market, following through on years and years of rumors that they had one in the

Samsung Galaxy X prototype, dual-screen images shown off

You know Samsung is working on something really important when there are already numerous leaks not just the past few months but years before the actual launch. It doesn’t mean the South Korean tech

Samsung Galaxy X sketches, patent application discovered

Aside from the Galaxy S9, Samsung is also expected to release a new foldable smartphone with a flexible screen. The device is said to have a foldable display, one with a stretchable OLED screen. We

Huawei could beat Samsung to the foldable phone (too)

ZTE beat Samsung to the foldable smartphone when it released the Axon M last week. And according to a report coming out of CNET, it seems a third company is working on a foldable handset, one which

ZTE could beat Samsung to the foldable smartphone

We recently reported that Samsung was working on a foldable smartphone. The Galaxy X just went through certification in South Korea that signals the device could be ready to launch, but Samsung may