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Samsung, Google, and devs work together on foldable experience

So far, so good. We haven’t heard any problem about the new and improved Samsung Galaxy Fold expect for the canceled pre-orders in the United States. The cancelation was only done to “restart”

Samsung Galaxy Fold US pre-order canceled, 5G variant not coming

Another delay means more disappointed customers. In the US, Samsung has delayed the market release of the controversial Samsung Galaxy Fold. The South Korean tech giant proudly announced that the

Next-gen Galaxy Fold may turn into a smaller, compact square form

It’s no secret that Samsung is working on other versions of the Galaxy Fold. More foldable phones will be introduced although we believe their future will depend on the original Galaxy Fold’s fate.

Samsung Galaxy Fold US launch happening this month

So when exactly will the Samsung Galaxy Fold roll out? We’ve been saying a September release is going to happen but no date has been provided yet until today. Sources are saying the new foldable phone

Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-registration begins again

About four months ago, mobile carriers and online stores like Best Buy canceled pre-orders for what could be the first widely and commercially available foldable Android phone. The Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold finally coming, here’s when exactly

Samsung Galaxy Fold is about to be relaunched. We have a date: September 6. This information is from news reports in South Korea, saying the highly-anticipated foldable phone is arriving very soon.

Samsung phone with three folds, Xiaomi foldable phone rendered

The foldable phone category is still relatively young. We’ve had high hopes about this one especially since it’s been years since Samsung has been teasing its flexible screen technology. Royole came

Samsung Galaxy Fold relaunch happening this September

It’s been a long journey for those following the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Ever since the Android community learned about Samsung’s plans to come up with a foldable phone three years ago. Before 2018

Samsung Galaxy Fold spotted in India, relaunch may happen soon

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is still being finalized. After years of development of the foldable-flexible screen, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Fold back in Q1 with a scheduled release in Q2.

Other Samsung Galaxy Fold version may fold outwards

The battle between Samsung and Huawei will never be over. Even if Samsung is experiencing slow revenue growth while Huawei is facing major challenges because of the US trade ban, the two will compete

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch not affected by Galaxy Fold delay

Samsung may still not be done with the Galaxy Fold even after months of working on it. Actually, to be honest, it’s been years since the South Korean tech giant has started development of the foldable

Samsung Display executive says Galaxy Fold is ready

Here’s another confusing information about Samsung’s foldable phone: the Galaxy Fold is launching soon. We don’t know what “soon” means here but we’re hoping the South Korean tech giant will reveal

No July launch for Samsung Galaxy Fold yet

So many information has been distributed recently about the future of the Samsung foldable phone. The Galaxy Fold is coming. We’ve seen a detailed demo video which made us excited about the future of

Samsung Galaxy Fold release happening very soon

The foldable phone category may finally take its flight after several weeks of being canceled. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is said to be released in the coming weeks although there is no exact date
Samsung stalls on Galaxy Fold’s release date, reports claim

Samsung stalls on Galaxy Fold’s release date, reports claim

The news comes from the "Korea Herald," who cites anonymous industry sources. The original stall on the launch date occurred after tech reviewers found flaws in their Fold units. The company planned

Best Buy Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders canceled

The Samsung Galaxy Fold series is still alive but we don’t know when exactly the South Korean tech giant will release the foldable phone. The supposedly new smartphone has been controversial the past

Samsung Galaxy Fold changes may be presented soon

The Samsung Galaxy Fold finally arrived last quarter but to our disappoint, the South Korean tech giant had to postpone market launch because of reports of display breaking on review units given away

Samsung Galaxy Fold fix almost done, may be launched again soon

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been anticipated for many years and finally, the South Korean tech giant has introduced the foldable phone. It’s been a long journey but even before that, Samsung already

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Would you like to keep or cancel

Samsung wants to make sure if you still want the Galaxy Fold. An email was sent to those who pre-ordered for the foldable phone, asking if they still want to keep or cancel the order. The letter makes

Samsung Galaxy Fold Teardown: See if it’s durable or fragile

The Samsung Galaxy Fold may be in hot water right now but we still believe the South Korean tech giant will fix the problem. We’ve been waiting for this foldable phone for several years now only to be