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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Durability Test, Teardown Video: Watch here

Samsung’s next Galaxy foldable is out. It’s not exactly the Galaxy Fold 2 because it will be a different phone. What we were introduced to is the new Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone that made use of the

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip now official, we go hands-on

This happened. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has finally been unveiled. So the February 11 launch turned out to be true. We’ve been saying the next foldable phone from the South Korean tech giant would be
The Galaxy Z Flip feels like a regular smartphone—and that's exactly why it's amazing

The Galaxy Z Flip feels like a regular smartphone—and that's exactly why it's amazing

Samsung is clearly making progress on foldables Foldable phones have their detractors, but as they continue to evolve, it's quickly becoming clear they're maturing in both concept and execution.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne leaked before official launch

Who is Thom Browne? We are pretty sure that is the first question on your mind upon seeing the headline. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hasn’t been out officially but we’ve been seeing a number of live

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands-on videos surface on YouTube

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will come out this week. The February 11 launch is fixed and the Unpacked 2020 is a ‘Go’. Samsung is not canceling anything and it’s all set to announce the Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip commercial shown during the Oscars 2020

More on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. At the 92nd Academy Awards, Samsung launched a Galaxy Z Flip commercial. The Oscars 2020 is over just a few hours ago. The winners have been announced.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 codenamed ‘Winner 2’ in the works

Let’s make it clear: the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may not be the Galaxy Z Flip. That’s what we understand from a leak that tells us a new Galaxy Fold is coming. It’s not the Galaxy Z but a different one.

Samsung Galaxy Z flip phone hands-on video surface online

We’re counting the days until Samsung officially announces the next-gen premium Galaxy S20 flagship smartphone series. The Unpacked 2020 event will happen on February 11, 2020, Tuesday. The new Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip latest image renders shown off

It doesn’t matter if the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is arriving on February 11 or February 14. We just want to see and get a hold of the first clamshell phone from the South Korean tech giant in a while.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s new launch date shared, exclusive to AT&T

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is for real. Much has been said about this Samsung foldable phone and we’re excited to see how this will be better or different from the original Galaxy Fold. Of course, the

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip display may come with a crease

The first Samsung Galaxy Z was actually released way back in 2011. We’re not kidding. Google it and see when the Samsung Galaxy Z got official as a slimmed-down Galaxy S2. It was said to be a more

Samsung Galaxy Flip Z 2 may come with a transparent cover

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the South Korean tech giant’s next-gen foldable phone. It used to be known as the Galaxy Fold 2 but we learned recently it will be known as the Galaxy Z Flip instead. Much

More Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy S20 series info being made public

A new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is coming very soon. We’ve been calling it the Galaxy Z Flip since last week. We’re almost certain about its name as several confirmations are coming out. The Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Z poster surface on Weibo with double-fold design

On February 11, Samsung will unveil the premium flagship Galaxy S20 phones. The series will include three phone variants: the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The three will also
More Samsung Galaxy Z Flip specs surface: Don’t expect 108MP camera

More Samsung Galaxy Z Flip specs surface: Don’t expect 108MP camera

It seems like we shouldn't expect 8K recording on Samsung's next foldable phone either.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will come with better screen, 3300mAh battery

The next-gen Galaxy Fold model is most likely the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The ‘Flip’ in the name means the device will have a flip or clamshell design similar to the new Motorola RAZR. The latter is a

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip image renders, preview video ready here

Samsung is launching a foldable phone–no doubt about that. A number of details have been shared already. We’re just waiting for the official announcement. But before the Unpacked 2020 event, we can

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip could be the Galaxy Fold 2

A new Galaxy series is about to be revealed by Samsung. There is no certainty yet but it could be the Galaxy Z. Ice universe (@UniverseIce) shared the information over on Twitter with interesting

Samsung Galaxy Fold sales may have reached 400,000 units in 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is definitely one interesting smartphone model. While it’s not the first-ever foldable phone to reach the market, it’s the first from the South Korean tech giant to use a

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 out in February with clamshell design

Samsung really is busy these days. It’s ending the year by teasing mobile consumers about what’s coming. There’s the Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite we’re assuming will be released in January.