Formula Drift: The Battle For Irwindale

The 2019 season ender was particularly exciting, as Ken Gushi clinched the win after several exciting tandem battles in his ZN6 Toyota 86. The car was running strong with its Blue Moon-built 2JZ-GTE

Keeping Things JDM In South America

Valentina is the owner of a beautiful 1990 Nissan A31 Cefiro GTS-R – or Laurel Altima for our market – that’s been restored and improved over time. Daniel is the owner of an aggressive 1999 Nissan

Resurrecting Simple Style With An S15 Silvia

The car in this article is a S15 Nissan Silvia Spec-S. For anyone not familiar with these cars, the Spec-S signifies that this model has the naturally aspirated version of Nissan’s famed SR20 motor,

A Simple & Clean S15 At Tokyo Auto Salon

With all the crazy body kits, flashing lights, and big horsepower builds that fill up the halls of Makuhari Messe come Tokyo Auto Salon time, it’s always a treat when you come across a car that brings

10 Of The Best: The Silvias Of Speedhunters

For over 10 years, we have, and continue, to bring you car culture from around the world. Over this time period, we’ve published thousands upon thousands of articles covering pretty much every facet

2JZ-GP? The Cars of D1 Grand Prix

Perhaps most interesting side of drifting is the machinery used to slay rubber. For my second post from D1GP in Tsukuba, this is precisely the angle I want to concentrate on. The discussion about the

Spec’d Right: A Perfectly Balanced Silvia S15

At the top are the basics and near the bottom are the more challenging modifications. But what happens when we get that car and make our way through the list only to discover that everything we

When It’s OK To Rocket Bunny

Few automotive styling trends have divided opinion in recent years quite like the current predisposition for over-fenders. As has been pointed countless times already, it’s not really a ‘trend’ in the

The Other Side Of Idlers

Spending an extended amount of time in Japan can lead to certain curious side effects. You may start bowing when talking on the phone, falling asleep while standing on the train, or eating salad with
ASUS adds a dash of color to its upgraded midrange VivoBooks

ASUS adds a dash of color to its upgraded midrange VivoBooks

ASUS' midrange VivoBooks may not be as sexy as its ZenBooks, but they're still pretty solid laptops in their own right. This year's crop continues to provide meaty features at an affordable price,

Welcome To Miami

One bit of consistent feedback I see in the comments is that there’s more to America than California. I entirely understand this sentiment, but the logistics involved with getting around the 3.7

Couple Goals: The S15 & S13 Drift Duo

Judging by Itsuki’s reaction any time he so much as saw a female, or a nice street car for that matter, I think his mind would actually explode if he A) had an S15, B) had a wife, with an S13 no less,

The Homemade FD Pro2 Smoke Machine

While many professional drift cars are created under the guise of heavy sponsorship, the majority of those in the sport get started exactly where Dalton is now: earning his license in the lower

The Honda Powered Silvia Lives…

Maybe it’s been the travel, but it only feels like last week when I last checked out this car. Then, it was a rolling shell, partly assembled with some mocked up bodywork. Today, it was just about to

When Worlds Meet: S15 Silvia Versus ’31 Ford

While indoor car shows along with miles of rope barriers and hoards of spectators may not be my favourite aspect of car culture, I am definitely thankful for an event like this during winter in

Friend By Name, Foe By Nature

I remember falling for the car instantly; its aggressive yet almost minimalistic approach was something that really stood out. A single GReddy logo on the hood was the only livery remnant of car’s

The Honda-Powered Silvia Touches Down

More often than not, these ideas rarely move beyond this stage. They forever remain as the product of big dreams without the ability to make them happen. We’re all guilty of this, myself included.

URAS Reinvents The S15 Silvia

The week following TAS is always a scramble getting important show cars photographed before they disappear back to their respective shops around Japan. With six machines shot in the last four days

The Family That Drifts Together, Stays Together

We all have those moments throughout the day where we break from the chaos, prying ourselves away from the black hole that is social media and let our minds wander. During those precious moments, we

Keeping The JGTC Dream Alive

As much as I enjoy watching modern motorsport push the boundaries of what’s possible on a race track, the nostalgic part of me still gets very excited by the good old days. Last month, the spectacle