Far From Typical: The 2JZ S13 Built For Grip

Alex owns a 1991 240SX hatchback, commonly referred to in the automotive community as an S13. He’s had the car for 12 years, and over this period of time the Nissan has seen many phases and upgrades.

World War Coffman Comes To Seattle

This is really what we came to Round 5 of the 2019 Formula Drift Championship for: to catch up with friends and, more specifically, to sit down with Matt Coffman and follow the Coffman Racing team for

Preserving Roots With A Spirit Rei 180SX

When I was wandering around StanceNation NorCal a couple weeks back, there was one S13 in particular that I kept returning to. It was a car Sara noticed as well, and I was intrigued by the Nissan’s

10 Of The Best: The Silvias Of Speedhunters

For over 10 years, we have, and continue, to bring you car culture from around the world. Over this time period, we’ve published thousands upon thousands of articles covering pretty much every facet

A Chance Encounter At Mobara

At first I noticed his car; a white Nissan 180SX sporting all sorts of custom track-oriented aerodynamics and riding at just the right height before functionality slips away. I was so intrigued by all

The Other Side Of Idlers

Spending an extended amount of time in Japan can lead to certain curious side effects. You may start bowing when talking on the phone, falling asleep while standing on the train, or eating salad with

Drawing Parallels: Welcoming Two Wheels

Change is exciting, but in this case it’s more of an addition than a true change. In the decade that Speedhunters has existed, we’ve cemented ourselves as a place to visit for inspiring automotive

Couple Goals: The S15 & S13 Drift Duo

Judging by Itsuki’s reaction any time he so much as saw a female, or a nice street car for that matter, I think his mind would actually explode if he A) had an S15, B) had a wife, with an S13 no less,

The S13 Chassis Done Two Ways

One thing I like doing, however, is hunting out cars that albeit different, share a common link – like the two S13s I’m about to show you. They couldn’t be more apart when it comes to style and looks;

A Surprise JDM Trio – What Would You Choose?

But have you ever made your selection more specific? At the recent opening round of the 2018 British Drift Championship at Rockingham Circuit, I turned a corner towards one of the public car parks,

S-Chassis Perfection

I wasn’t alone in my surprise either; almost everyone I spoke to on the day asked if I had seen the pair of cars parked up in the Minami course paddock. Of course I had – they were very hard to miss,