Say Hi To Project Silvia. Now, What Should I Do With It?

In 2019, I decided to save up a bunch of money and buy myself a nice big lens for motorsport duties, something on the edge of 400mm. I got quite far with my savings, but just ended up spending the

13B-PP PS13: One Man’s Ultimate ’90s Mash-Up

As soon as he purchased it in 2014, the Nissan was rolled into Artem’s garage where it remained for a few years, stripped right back to an absolute bare shell and then completely restored and rebuilt.

Couple Goals: The S15 & S13 Drift Duo

Judging by Itsuki’s reaction any time he so much as saw a female, or a nice street car for that matter, I think his mind would actually explode if he A) had an S15, B) had a wife, with an S13 no less,

S-Chassis Perfection

I wasn’t alone in my surprise either; almost everyone I spoke to on the day asked if I had seen the pair of cars parked up in the Minami course paddock. Of course I had – they were very hard to miss,