The 1,000.1hp R32-Powered Audi RS4

There’s always one. That one car that stands out from the others. Not because it’s necessarily better, but because it appeals to you on a certain level. Wörthersee is full of cars that make you think

Project RS4: More Noise Please

Most of what I’ve done to the car has involved maintaining it, addressing common issues and weak points, improving upon them and actually making the car look more OEM than when I bought it two years

A Typical Thursday At Wörthersee

This is the town of Velden-am-Wörthersee on a Thursday in May of 2019. There’s nothing formal, there’s nothing organised, it’s just a gathering of like minded people who happened to be in the area at

Project RS4: Back & Better Than Ever

Hello. How are you? It’s been a while. Project RS4 has finally made some progress since we last spoke. The fun started, and ended abruptly, following a cover shoot that I did for Modern Classics

Project RS4: Creature Comforts

I’m completely unapologetic as to state of the outside of Project RS4 right now. It’s cold, miserable, wet and freezing outside. The roads are covered in grime, slush and salt and cleaning it would be

Project RS4: More Traction, Less Roll

Where the heck have the past seven months gone? It was May when I last brought forth an update for Project RS4, although it barely feels like it was last month. The car had been in the care of Regal

Introducing Project Quattro

No, you are not seeing double, this is indeed Audi RS4 Avant number two in the SH Garage. At least we’ve spread them as far apart as can be, with Jordan’s red wagon over in the UK and my black example

Eight Cylinders, Two Turbos & 1,300hp

You see a lot of crazy stuff on track at Gatebil. But after some time spent watching the drift shows and Extreme grip classes attack the track it all starts to feel a bit normal. That’s not to play it

Dyno Time For Project RS4

However, the reason for breaking the chronology of the story was because I wanted to not only present a direct before and after for the work that Regal had done on the RS4’s 4.2-litre V8, but I also

Project RS4: Finding Lost Power

I’ve done around 10,000 miles since picking up Project RS4 last August last year, and to be fair it’s not skipped a single beat mechanically. The Audi has been flawless at karting me and my inordinate

The Wagons Of Wörthersee

Whatever they are called, there’s no escaping that more often than not they make for the perfect car. If you could only have one car for the rest of your life, one car that has to do everything, then

Suspension Sorted On Project RS4

In what I’m considering an unforeseen and out of character turn of events, my Project RS4 updates are now actually happening with reasonable cadence. Last time round I’d just received a worrying to-do

Cold Mornings & Hot Coffee With Revo

We’re currently in the middle of what the UK press are thoroughly enjoying calling the ‘beast from the east’, a Siberian storm that’s bringing with it ‘nippy’ temperatures of -7°C (19.4f). Apparently