The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Damn

This is good. It means that he can’t immediately shout at me [I can, it was 5PM on Sunday before you actually finished this & sent it across - PMcG] for not following the rules of Speedhunters and

The Mind Behind LTO’s BMW E30

I’ve always thought it curious that the art of designing, styling and creating bodywork is so often overlooked when it comes to creating an automobile. It’s quite the paradox, as the looks of a

CATuned’s After Hours Project

Right before SEMA Keiron took us all on a guided tour of CATuned. Through Keiron’s lens we got to see some of the projects Igor Polishchuk worked on within the confines of a normal nine to five work

Maintaining The Spirit Of Maranello In A Wide-Body 328 GTS

When it comes to cars, the owner, Mitch Button, describes himself as an “avid historian.” These aren’t words I’d normally associate with a stanced-out Ferrari, but allow me to point out a few of the

Rotiform x Race Service: Where Art Meets The Automobile

When most people think of California they think of Los Angeles. And when they think of Los Angeles, people seem to have a whimsical version in their heads: artistic, progressive, and modern. Whatever

SEMA, Sheepey, & A Twin Turbo Ferrari

What’s Italian, has 4.5 liters and 700 wheel horsepower? Nothing, at least not until Sheepey Race gets their hands, along with a couple turbos, on it. The 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider you’ll see here

An Unexpected BMW Trio

What I hadn’t planned for was turning up to find three slammed BMWs waiting for me. I was pretty surprised as there had been no mention of anyone tagging along, but after a quick look at the other two

The Miami Journey Continues: Key Biscayne To Wynwood

Picking up from my visit to RMC Miami, we were waiting for a couple more cars to show before taking off to explore Miami. Initially, I’d expected we’d just hang out at the shop, I’d grab a few photos

Envisioning Reality: The Old & New Porsche 911

Obviously a lot of other things come into it, but if the idea from the get-go isn’t right you’re always going to be fighting a losing battle. It doesn’t have to be anything outlandish, but your

Wekfest Japan’s Euro Mash-Up

What would coverage from one of Japan’s most important stance-related shows be without a round-up of all the European cars that were scattered across the Port Messe exhibition hall in Nagoya? Given

Project FJ: Just Add Sand

I’m so spoiled when it comes to shooting locations. With the beach, amazing canyon roads, and the urban sprawl that is downtown LA just minutes away from my house, it’s sometimes hard to decide where

Making Friends On The Way Home

I’ll skip the details of the 2017 show, as the SH team did a great job of that in their coverage. Instead, I’ll get right into it. With SEMA done and SEMA Ignited in full swing, it was time to hit the

A McLaren MP4 & The Overfender Paradox

2017 was my first SEMA Show experience. Arriving into LAX at 9:00am on the Friday before, following 10 hours of turbulence, I was surprisingly energetic and enthusiastic about things. These are the