Rimac C_Two Prototypes Get Fine-Tuned On The Track

The Rimac C_Two features four electric motors and churns out 1,888 hp. |

Kia Working On High-Performance EV With Rimac

Kia's new EV will offer "super-high performance" in the form of a sedan-crossover. |

First Pininfarina Battista Test Mules Released On Track, Production Starts Late 2020

With almost 2,000 HP on tap, the new Pininfarina Battista is expected to redefine straight-line performance. |

Rimac Says Electric C_Two Will Be A New Breed Of Hypercar

The production version of the near-2,000HP electric hypercar will debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. |

Rimac Shows Off C_Two Prototype, Confirms Late 2020 Launch

Rimac is still fine-tuning the driving dynamics, steering feel, suspension and tires of its electric hypercar. |

Rimac Understands The Case For SUVs, Will Stick To Electric Supercars Nonetheless

CEO Mate Rimacsays he isn't interested in SUVs but is planning lighter electric supercars for the future. |

Rimac To Reveal Production C_Two In Geneva, Open New R&D Center In The UK

The production hypercar will also have a different name, but Mate Rimac disclosed they haven't decided on one... |

Watching A $2.1 Million Rimac C_Two Crash Test Is Equally Grisly And Fascinating

Just like any other regular car, the Rimac C_Two has to hit a wall or two to become safe enough for public roads. |
Watch Rimac crash its $2.1 million supercar into a wall

Watch Rimac crash its $2.1 million supercar into a wall

Let's say you built a $2.1 million supercar. What's the first thing you would do? Slam it into a wall, naturally. Multiple times. That's exactly what Croatian automaker Rimac Automobili has been

Porsche Increases Its Stake In Rimac To 15.5 Percent

Weissach is boosting its stake into the Croatian automaker in order to strengthen their partnership in electric cars. |

Audi And Rimac Could Team Up For Electric R8 Successor

The electric supercar could have solid-state batteries and four electric motor that produce around 937 hp. |

Bugatti’s Crossover Could Be An All-Electric With Rimac Tech

A new report claims the Bugatti crossover could use Rimac's electric powertrain with 1850 hp. |

Mate Rimac Says He’s Very Impressed With The Porsche Taycan

Porsche owns a 10 per cent stake of Rimac so it's no surprise that Mate Rimac is singing the praises of the Taycan. |

Think Creating A New Car Is Easy? Rimac Demonstrates It’s Anything But

Sketching the design takers a mere 1 percent of total development time - the rest is a long, and arduous, process. |

Explore More Of Rimac’s C_Two Hypercar Production Facility

Rimac makes its own carbon fiber, batteries and electric motors - and even supplies them to big boys like Aston Martin and Koenigsegg. |

Rimac C_Two Is Now Available In Forza Horizon 4 Game

Gamers can experience the Rimac C_Two and its 1888 hp all-electric powertrain in the virtual world. |

Croatian Hypercar Maker Extraordinaire Rimac Shows Us Around Its Facility

Rimac is currently getting ready to commence production of its 1888 hp C_Two electric hypercar. |

Will Rimac Deal Lead To An Electric Hypercar From Hyundai?

Can you imagine a world where a 1900 hp electric hypercar from Hyundai exists?. |

Hyundai and Kia Invest In … Rimac?

In today’s episode of Surprising Bedfellows, we find the corporate duo of Hyundai/Kia throwing money in the general direction of Rimac. Technically titled Rimac Automobili, it’s the Croatian

Hyundai And Kia Team Up With Rimac To Make An Electric Mid-Engine Sports Car

The three companies will work together on the N mid-engined sports car and a high-performance fuel cell. |