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Nixed bilateral charging could have been iPhone 11 Pro exclusive

A teardown of the iPhone 11 done by iFixit finds this less-expensive model lacks any sign of inverse wireless charging. There were features apparently related to this feature discovered in the iPhone

Mysterious hardware in iPhone 11 hints at reverse wireless charging

Buried in the iPhone 11 Pro Max are hardware quirks that iFixit suggests might be for reverse wireless charging, a feature reportedly planned and then dropped from this model. Watch a video of techs

iFixit iPhone 11 Pro Teardown Points at Bilateral Wireless Charging

Earlier today, iFixit live-streamed iPhone 11 Pro teardown. The site is yet to dive deeper into iPhone 11 Pro and is expected to publish an in-depth report. During the teardown, iFixit stumbled upon

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro May Have Shipped with Reverse Wireless Charging Hardware; Feature Disabled in iOS

Right up until the iPhone 11 was going to be announced, it was rumored to ship with reverse wireless charging. However, just a few days before the launch, a report detailed that Apple had shelved the

MIA at Apple event: Tracking tags, reverse charging and more

Apple’s press event today included the iPhone 11 series as well as updated iPad and Apple Watch versions, but some rumored devices, features and accessories didn’t materialize. Most notably, the

iPhone 11’s Apple logo will shift for big new feature

The Apple logo on the back of this year’s iPhone 11 lineup will shift to make way for a brand new feature, according to a new report. The logo won’t disappear, but it will be perfectly centered for
Reverse Wireless Charging in the Galaxy S10…OK?

Reverse Wireless Charging in the Galaxy S10…OK?

Samsung is going to be the next phone maker to allow both wireless and reverse wireless charging. The evidence, as suggested in FCC docs and the image below, makes that obvious. But, should you care

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 features reverse wireless charging according to FCC filing

Reverse wireless charging is a feature we first encountered with Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro, and while it proved to be a fun gimmick it was hardly something you would use every day thanks to its low 2.5w