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Change Does Happen. Justice Gets Served. Stories That Show Not All News Is Grim.

Dear Reader, Don’t let the bastards grind you down. Or Trump, either. Lots of people are trying to make the world a better place, but we don’t always hear about them. Their stories may be buried by

How a Tenacious Group of Puerto Ricans Brought Light Back to Their Community

Oscar Carrion didn’t make the headlines—but thousands of people are grateful for the work he’s been doing. When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico and cut power on the island, Carrion and his four

Her Family Is In Mexico. They Only Had 4 Minutes Together At The Border. That’s When He Proposed.

They had four minutes. On Saturday, Martin Giovanni Portillo proposed to his girlfriend, Daisy Arvizu, in front of family. But there was no time to spare. Standing in a dry riverbed of the Rio Grande

Paulette Jordan Just Got One Step Closer to Becoming the Country’s First Native American Governor

Triumphant as the Democratic nominee in Idaho’s gubernatorial primary last week, Paulette Jordan now has an uphill ride in the general election: Her state hasn’t elected a Democratic governor since

Lions, Rhinos, and Elephants Are Coming Back in Droves to This Part of Africa

The rhinos were gone from Chad. The elephants were poached from part of Malawi. The lions, too. But now, these animals are starting to return—thanks to a group of philanthropists and environmentalists

The Middle Schoolers Who Flipped a Crashed Car, and Other Stories of Kids Putting Adults to Shame

The 13- and 14-year-olds of an Idaho football team were jubilant on their way home through Oregon after winning a tournament in California. Then they saw the overturned car and a couple stuck

School Officials Tried to Stop Her From Talking About Sexual Assault. She Wouldn’t be Silenced.

No, Lulabel Seitz would not shut up. The first in her family to graduate high school, the Petaluma, Calif., senior wouldn’t let school administrators stop her from publicly talking about sexual

He Was Told He Couldn’t Let Migrant Kids Comfort Each Other—So He Quit

Antar Davidson quit a government-contracted shelter for immigrant kids when superiors ordered him to tell young siblings that they were not allowed to hug. “When I received this order, I realized,

Here’s How You Can Help Migrant Kids and Families Right Now

It’s one of the biggest fundraisers in Facebook history. In 11 days, more than 525,000 Americans have given over $20 million to help asylum-seekers and migrants at the border. And after President
These Americans Wanted To Show Migrant Kids They Weren’t Alone

These Americans Wanted To Show Migrant Kids They Weren’t Alone

They came by the hundreds, rushing to the airport where little kids were being flown in from Texas. Supporters in New York headed to LaGuardia Airport on Wednesday night to tell these kids that even

What Patriotism Looks Like: A 6-Year-Old Raised $13,000 For Migrant Kids

Hundreds of thousands of Americans took to the streets last weekend to demand the Trump administration reunite kids and parents who were separated at the border. A 6-year-old boy in Atlanta also had

The Heartwarming Messages Shared Between the Stranded Thai Boys and Their Parents

The kids wrote about their favorite meals, their school obligations, and helping their parents at the store. The families told them they loved them, and managed to parent from afar: “Cover yourself

Win or Lose, Serena Williams Is Already a Champion

Her feet were a bit slow and her tennis serve less zippy after a torn pectoral muscle. Then there was the cesarian section and the blood clots—just 10 months ago—and the baby weight that hasn’t

A Complaint Got This Teen’s Hot Dog Stand a Permit—Not a Penalty

At first, it seemed like trouble: Someone called the Minneapolis Health Department to complain about 13-year-old Jaequan Faulkner and his summer hot dog stand. But here’s what happened next: The city

How One Woman Kept Hostages Alive at Trader Joe’s

“There’s always hope.” That’s what MaryLinda Moss told the gunman who had taken her and a dozen others hostage at a Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles, California. Moss then put her hand on his heart. She

Displaced by Hurricane Katrina, These Students Were Honored 13 Years Later

The winds and flood of Hurricane Katrina bore down on Clint Smith III’s high school in August 2005, three days into his senior year. He and 76 other seniors at Benjamin Franklin High in New Orleans

They Said She Had “No Chance” of Winning. She Proved Them Wrong.

On the day of the Sandy Hook shootings, Jahana Hayes stood in front of her stunned students in Waterbury, Connecticut, “trying to keep them calm, to not ignite any hysteria.” She watched year after

Too Young to Vote—But Too Riled Up to Stay Quiet

High schoolers across the country are leading voter registration efforts—even though some are too young to head to the polls themselves. Some of these new organizers, like 17-year-old Jordan Harb of

Meet the Man Who Single-Handedly Planted a Forest in India

For 40 years, a man planted a tree every day on a barren island in India’s Brahmaputra River. First, bamboo trees. Then cotton trees. “It’s not as if I did it alone,” Jadav Payeng says. “You plant one

After Fleeing Hurricane Maria, This Baker is Bringing a Taste of Home to Massachusetts

The palmeras and cheesecake are light and airy, the guava-filled pasteles flaky, glazed, delightful. The pastries are the creation of Luis Miguel Santiago Rivera, one of the newest bakers at Sowy’s