Sometimes, It’s Not What You Do, It’s What You Don’t Do

You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to have 1,000hp. You don’t have to have a wide-body. You don’t have to have an engine or drivetrain swap. You don’t have to have a shaved and wire-tucked

(Re)Perfecting Perfection: A Crashed NSX Reborn

But this story doesn’t continue with five years’ worth of driving enjoyment to bring us up to the current day, because in 2016 the unthinkable happened – Jun crashed his NSX at Tsukuba Circuit. My

Best of CH 2019: Editors’ Favorites

From our thousands of stories published this year, meaningful articles selected by our NYC-based staff Browsing the thousands of stories we published on COOL HUNTING this year, in search of personal

SEMA 2019: TE37 All Of The Things

As Mark continued his photographic assault on the year’s biggest and wildest automotive trade show, this is one question that popped into our minds. I mean, we’re talking about a wheel design that was

The Wheels (& Fitment) Of Wekfest

We all know that wheels can make or break a build. Diameter, width, offset, weight, style and color are all things to be considered when you’re on the hunt for wheels to start your project or finish

Project Rough Hunts For Grip… & A Bit Of Style

A wise man once told me that a car’s suspension setup and tires are the most important thing if you want to be quick around the track or on your favorite backroad. He’s obviously right; without the

An Unabashed Street Car: Richi Bautista’s Subaru WRX

While it makes ample sense to carve out space for purpose-built race cars, genre-bending drift cars, drool-worthy restomods and top-dollar exotics, too much of those and the site becomes a little hard

Project GTI: Cooling Down

I’m fully convinced that Ireland has the sneakiest weather system in the world. Just when you think you’re over the worst of it, it plays the ‘one more thing’ card and either dumps snow on us, or

Gram Lights: The Meaning of 57

RAYS may be synonymous with iconic forged wheels like the Volk Racing TE37 and CE28, but alongside their forging processes they’ve been pushing and evolving cast wheel production to new heights. In

Digging Deep At The RAYS Tribute Meet

From a dollars and cents perspective, a popular, versatile, design is the best way to keep the accountants happy. I don’t have any insight into RAYS’ books, but I’m going to go out on a limb and

The TE37 Truck Division

Go to any show or track event and you’re likely to see at least one authentic set, and several more wish-they-weres. Usually, we feature the versatile six-spoke on cars, but when a number of trucks

Soaking Up The Last Of The Summer Rays

We’re all somewhat familiar with the Southern California tuning scene and its backdrop of palm trees, beaches, and year-round sun. It’s not hard to understand why car culture thrives in this part of

Honda Reliability, Porsche Looks, Turbo Power

As a result, Honda vehicles can be found in nearly every motorsport arena, and Honda motors can be found far beyond vehicles with an ‘H’ or ‘A’ on the hood. B-series motors in Minis, F-series motors
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Rays

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Rays

DIY pop is always something heard looming large in the sound of Oakland, California band RAYS On this new their new album, You Can Get There From Here, though it’s more of a US feeling (I'm hearing

TE37s On A Bike?

You may also remember that Nigel was working on a project for BMW, an R NineT with a customized RAYS Volk Racing TE37 fitted to the back. When I saw Nigel today chatting to his fans at his booth. I

Simplicity Just Works: The Volk Racing CE28N

This is one of Volk Racing’s most recognizable wheels. It was brought into production in the late ’90s and continues to be a favorite among enthusiasts, from diehard track racers to the ones that put

A Crash Course On Volk Racing

Setting a trend or making a mark on fashion isn’t an easy thing. Creating something so iconic that it becomes a de facto style in itself is elevating things to the highest level. You can confidently

A Dying Breed: The R.Junky GT-Rs

Sometimes, there’s no rationale offered. Sometimes, what you see is what you get. Sometimes, there’s no justification required. Our car community is not a particularly large one in the grand scale of

If it Ain’t Broke, Make It Better

Since deciding to entrust Masa and Yagi with most of the big jobs on Project NSX, I’ve been spending more and more time at Advance. There’s rarely a dull moment either; even with a full workshop,

We Don’t Usually Do This Sort Of Thing

In fact, it’s not even the sort of vehicle we’d usually talk much about here on Speedhunters, but this was just way too cool to pass up. This is the all-new Suzuki Jimny which has recently hit