It’s Not A Nismo Z-Tune GT-R… It’s Even Better

The owner of this particular R34 GT-R V-Spec II bought the car with every intention to modify it. Yes, the final RB26-powered GT-R is an epic car in stock form, but by today’s standards they’re

Project Thirty Four: Lifting The Head On GT-R Ownership

Apart from two small issues. First off, it’d be massively irresponsible to drive anywhere unless absolutely necessary. But more obvious than that, it’d require access to an actual working car for more

E-Next Total Tuning: Refining Legends With Passion, Not Power

This stereotype hasn’t appeared overnight. In fact, it’s websites like this one which have allowed it to become the norm. Because whichever way you dress it up, that kind of horsepower will always be

The Challenge Of Modifying In Japan: Project Rough Goes Through Shaken

How is it possible for Japanese car enthusiasts to get away with that? It’s a phrase I’ve heard countless times on various social media platforms. And for good reason, too – here in Japan there are no

Building A DIY Carbon Fiber Airbox For Project Rough

The internet is a fascinating place. Besides providing a perfect safe zone for trolls and keyboard warriors to unload their mindset on others, the internet can be an endless source of information

If You Can Dream It, You Can Break It – Introducing Project Thirty Four

The world was braced for complete chaos as the Millennium bug ripped through computers faster than an itchy rash at Coachella. US President Bill Clinton was finally acquitted from having his stars

The GT-Rs of South African Hillclimbs

GT-Rs perform well in multiple forms of racing, but are they the ultimate hillclimb machines? Since the launch of the original 2000 GT-R in 1969, the various GT-R models released by Nissan have become

Project Rough Hunts For Grip… & A Bit Of Style

A wise man once told me that a car’s suspension setup and tires are the most important thing if you want to be quick around the track or on your favorite backroad. He’s obviously right; without the

Finding Four-Door Inspiration At The R34 Meet

Things have really come full circle for me attending the annual R34 Day meet – hosted by Shaft Auto Service – at Fuji Speedway. The past couple of times I’ve covered this event, I arrived in a rental

The 3,000+km Journey Getting The Newest Speedhunters Project Car Home

If you don’t count the dreaded boat ride from Okinawa to the seaside city of Kagoshima on the southernmost tip of Japan’s Kyushu island, the journey was a little over 2,000kms, taking nothing but

The GT-R Turns 50: The Final Skyline

Considering the lukewarm reaction that the R33 GT-R got upon launch (and arguably still today), the R34’s GT-R reception couldn’t have been more different when it was unveiled in 1999. The more

Showing Up At A Stranger’s House In Miami

Reflecting on 2018, my trip to Miami, Florida was one of the most enjoyable stops along the way. Looking back through my hard drive, though, I realized there were still a couple stories left to be

Party Like It’s 1999: The Blitz Autobahn Project

This number, which translates into 216mph, was crazy for a street car at the time. It also was not coincidence, but rather conveniently a few clicks faster than the then-current, albeit relatively

A Chance Encounter At Mobara

At first I noticed his car; a white Nissan 180SX sporting all sorts of custom track-oriented aerodynamics and riding at just the right height before functionality slips away. I was so intrigued by all

Veruza: The GT-R Specialty Shop

When it comes to taking your precious vehicle to a shop and having minor work or major surgery done, is there one place you can say you are truly loyal to? Perhaps thanks to the progression of the

A Dying Breed: The R.Junky GT-Rs

Sometimes, there’s no rationale offered. Sometimes, what you see is what you get. Sometimes, there’s no justification required. Our car community is not a particularly large one in the grand scale of

A 1000hp GT-R & The Long Road To WTAC

If you’re of the opinion that the World Time Attack Challenge is restricted to a single weekend in Sydney, Australia, you’d be dead wrong. WTAC is a full-time commitment for the brave and somewhat

The Miami Journey Continues: Key Biscayne To Wynwood

Picking up from my visit to RMC Miami, we were waiting for a couple more cars to show before taking off to explore Miami. Initially, I’d expected we’d just hang out at the shop, I’d grab a few photos

Welcome To Miami

One bit of consistent feedback I see in the comments is that there’s more to America than California. I entirely understand this sentiment, but the logistics involved with getting around the 3.7

Project GT-R Gets Bigger Turbos

This has been a long time coming. No, Project GT-R has not been stripped of the green wrap applied for Tokyo Auto Salon; not counting the three to four years’ worth of parts-collecting, we just have