The 1,000.1hp R32-Powered Audi RS4

There’s always one. That one car that stands out from the others. Not because it’s necessarily better, but because it appeals to you on a certain level. Wörthersee is full of cars that make you think

Six Selects From Ireland’s Finest BBQ

Instead, consider this an introduction to six cars, some of which I’m going to try and hunt down for more in-depth features in the coming weeks and months. You know, proper Speedhunting. These are

A Spontaneous Sunday Hunting In Indonesia

With my weekend schedule freed up due to the cancellation of the ICEMOD (Indonesia Car Enthusiast & Modifications) event, a new goal was set: hunting out Indonesian car culture. There was no real

Swapping Sixes: The Barra-Powered Skyline R32

Engine swaps are as old as automotive culture itself. Even mixing up manufacturers is a time-honoured tradition, with US hot rodders dropping Ford flathead V8s into anything with four wheels and a

What Makes My Kind Of Volkswagen

This comes across as tiresome to a lot of you, particularly when it comes to areas of car culture that some consider irredeemable (hello there, onikyan). While we always try to see the best in things,

The GT-Rs of South African Hillclimbs

GT-Rs perform well in multiple forms of racing, but are they the ultimate hillclimb machines? Since the launch of the original 2000 GT-R in 1969, the various GT-R models released by Nissan have become

Track-Prepped & Itasha Style: Garage Drydock’s R32 GT-R

The aesthetic caught my eye, but more importantly it appeared to be set up properly. J was quick to corroborate my assumption, sharing that it’s “a performance car first, but we’ve always been geeks

Nismo Fever: The Homologated Godzilla

You guys didn’t really think I would do an entire month’s worth of homologation cars without mentioning Godzilla did you? By this point, I’m going to go ahead and assume everyone is already fairly
Nissan puts legendary RB26 inline-six engine back into production

Nissan puts legendary RB26 inline-six engine back into production

Filed under: Aftermarket,Nissan,Classics,Performance,Racing One of the most difficult challenges for classic car enthusiasts is limited parts availability. But recently, that's

The White Pill Or The Carbon Nardograu Pill?

In celebration of the Nissan Skyline GT-R’s 50th birthday, the next couple of articles from me will focus on GT-Rs and non-GT-R variants. Call it a celebration of Skylines as a whole, with an emphasis

The GT-R Turns 50: Enter Godzilla

But then, out of nowhere, the technicoloured 1980s and optimistic ‘90s arrived, and with Japanese stocks and real estate prices surging, there was a new-found bravery within the Japanese automotive

Speedhunting Is A Brotherly Tradition

We grew up deep in Baptist Christianity, as our father has been a pastor since as far back as either of us can remember. As we became men, we both found a new church – one that was more akin to the

Taking A GT-R To The Extreme

Set your imagination on fire with the opportunity to not only own, but to refine your dream car into your idea of its ultimate form. After years of hard work from owners Michele and Mark Guyer, the

A Dying Breed: The R.Junky GT-Rs

Sometimes, there’s no rationale offered. Sometimes, what you see is what you get. Sometimes, there’s no justification required. Our car community is not a particularly large one in the grand scale of

A Seven Year Build & An Understated GT-R

Humility in the modified car scene is seldom seen these days, but Western Australian resident David Maier has his ego kept in check two ways. Firstly, he’s part of a group of great mates who all own

Party In The Front, Party In The Back

Well, in the spirit of keeping things balanced, this is the first of a handful of Dub-only spotlights from this year’s show, and boy is it a good one. This immaculate 1992 VW Caddy Sport was purchased

Five Of The Best From R’s Day

It’s still 2017, right? In some places, at least. Seeing as how another year is already done and spent, I still owe you a proper look at a handful of more cars from R’s Day at Laguna Seca. I patrolled

The Godzilla Takeover At Laguna Seca

Last weekend I found myself at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for the second time in two weeks. During the first visit I was fortunate enough to take a few hot laps around the circuit at the end of the

Tilting & Shifting At The Nismo Festival

I don’t know how I can best relay the challenge of shooting the same event for over 10 years. For a lot of guys in my line of work, this wouldn’t be an issue; you go there, shoot the same stuff in the

Eternal Life: NISMO Heritage Program Building New Spare Parts for the GT-R

Nissan R32 GT-R owners in Japan will be able to enjoy wheeling their treasured rides around a lot longer, thanks to a program making new replacement parts available. The parts will go on sale in Japan