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Trudeau v Fox News

Fox News has deleted a tweet that falsely identified a Moroccan man as the suspect in the fatal shooting at a Quebec City mosque, after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s spokesperson sent the

Muslim Cleric In Quebec Shows More Understanding Of American Spirit Than Trump

I saw a prominent Muslim progressive on Facebook suggest that had the shooting in Quebec been done on a Christian church by Muslim radicals, every avatar would be a variation of "Je Suis Quebec"

Canadian Muslim community calls on government to combat Islamophobia

Dozens of Canadian Muslim organizations are calling on all levels of government to address systemic racism and combat Islamophobia following last week’s terrorist attack in Quebec City. They want

Sean Spicer Just Wrote Melissa McCarthy's Next Hilarious SNL Sketch

I promise you it's worth the time to watch this entire video and watch Sean Spicer write the script for Melissa McCarthy's next SNL appearance. There are several moments that are just golden. First,

Dispatches from the inside of Quebec’s crumbling jails

Sister Marguerite Rivard has spent the last 25 years volunteering in Quebec’s notorious prison system, gaining rare access to some of the province’s most secretive establishments. “If you came in,

Mosques in Canada boost security in wake of Quebec attack

From hidden panic buttons to beefed-up security protocols, mosques and Islamic centres across Canada have boosted their security measures since January’s terrorist attack in Quebec City. That attack

The number of refugees crossing into Quebec increased seven times in February

The number of people crossing into Quebec from the U.S. and making refugee claims skyrocketed seven-fold last month. New figures obtained by CBC News show that 724 people made claims in February,

Canada’s border agents are seizing an increasing number of phones in Quebec and Toronto

Canada’s border agents are seizing an increasing number of cellphones in Quebec and the Greater Toronto Area, according to data obtained by VICE News. From 2014 to 2016, the number of phones seized by

Anger and hope in Val-d’Or

The walls of Edith Cloutier’s office are covered in certificates and awards, tokens of the decades she’s spent supporting and empowering Indigenous people in a small mining city in the northern

Inside Quebec’s maple syrup cartel

One barrel of oil currently costs about $50. One barrel of maple syrup, on the other hand, sells for about $1,200. That’s because Quebec, which provides 71 percent of the world’s maple syrup, forces

Quebec calls in Canadian army as floods surge

Days of constant rainfall and flooding has prompted Quebec to ask the Canadian Armed forces to send in troops to help overwhelmed communities across the province, as at least 700 people have been

Canada triples troops deployed in response to devastating floods

Canada has tripled the number of troops deployed in response to devastating floods in eastern Canada — the worst seen in half a century. From British Columbia to eastern Canada, rising waters are

Montreal’s first supervised drug injection sites to open within weeks

After nearly a decade fighting to help and support drug users in Montreal, harm reduction groups rejoiced Friday as the city announced it had finally received approval from Health Canada to open

Is there a millionaire vacation double-standard in Canadian politics?

Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend Eve, Canadian readers! (See? Being a constitutional monarchy has its perks.) Let’s get right to your questions, starting with the apparently perennially topical

It is very hard to use foreign money to influence Canadian elections

Happy slightly belated Victoria Day, Vice-istas! Let’s get started with a perennial-ish topic experiencing a sudden resurgence in the headlines, courtesy of a still-unseen-but-allegedly-incendiary

Six months after a deadly mass shooting, this Quebec City mosque is receiving a flood of hate mail

The Quebec City mosque that was the target of a mass shooting last January will boost security after a flux of “hateful messages.” And while they report receiving one or two pieces of hate mail per

A New Solidarity in the North Country

The signs and wonders of Colebrook, New Hampshire, begin a few miles outside town. BRAKE FOR MOOSE IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE; TRUMP/PENCE 2016—these placards dot the highway and continue into town, where
Why the U.S. should send heated trailers for illegal aliens to Canada

Why the U.S. should send heated trailers for illegal aliens to Canada

It's the right thing to do, folks The post Why the U.S. should send heated trailers for illegal aliens to Canada appeared first on Hot Air.

Canada’s provinces are starting to figure out who’s going to sell legal weed

With less than a year left until the government’s self-imposed deadline to legalize marijuana, efforts to figure out how legal weed will be sold in Canada are in full swing. But hearings at a