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An update to Microsoft To-Do will help you keep up with your resolutions

An update to Microsoft To-Do will help you keep up with your resolutions

If you're looking to stay productive in 2019, you might want to check out the freshly updated Microsoft To-Do app, now with additional integration with the Windows 10 Start Menu and more. The post An

Your iPhone is your time card with Hours [50 Essential iOS Apps #41]

Hours makes time tracking easy for freelance workers and consultants, without requiring a Rube Goldberg machine of API calls and custom automation triggers to log their time. (via Cult of Mac - Tech

TickTick helps get your to-do list finished [50 Essential iOS Apps #33]

In 2011, Apple announced iOS 5, and one of it’s highlights was a new app – Reminders – to help you keep track tasks. Since that time, Reminders hasn’t evolved much, but the type of task manager people

Stay focused on writing with iA Writer (50 Essential iOS Apps #27)

There are dozens of ways to write on iOS. Apple’s own Notes app offers a simple writing platform, while Pages allows for elaborate documents – complete with pictures. While both are good for certain

GoodNotes 4 is the paper notebook of the future [50 Essential iOS Apps #24]

GoodNotes 4 is a solid upgrade to the built-in Notes app on iOS. From customizable paper styles to powerful annotation tools and automatic OCR, GoodNotes 4 is the notebook of the future. (via Cult of

This music app helps tune you in to your work [Deals]

Time at the computer is a constant fight to stay focused. Keeping distractions at bay and your mind on task has a lot to do with your environment. So the right music can make all the difference.