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DoNotPay's latest service will auto-cancel your free trials before the billing period starts

DoNotPay (previously) is a collection of consumer-advocacy tools automated the process of fighting traffic tickets, help homeless people claim benefits, sue Equifax for leaking all your financial

E.P.A. won't ban chlorpyrifos pesticide that scientists say damages children's brains

You can thank disgraced former Trump EPA chairman Scott Pruitt for today's big victory for American chemical companies. The Environmental Protection Agency announced on Thursday it will not ban

SAMBA versus SMB: Adversarial interoperability is judo for network effects

Before there was Big Tech, there was "adversarial interoperability": when someone decides to compete with a dominant company by creating a product or service that "interoperates" (works with) its

This bundle teaches you how to market on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, & more

Theoretically, there's never been an easier time for marketers. The ubiquity of social media means a good word - or a good brand - can spread like wildfire with very little effort. But as limitless as

Where to catch me this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con!

I'm headed back to San Diego for Comic-Con this weekend, and you can catch me on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Friday, 5PM: Signing in AA04 Saturday, 5PM: Panel: Writing: Craft, Community, and

Vast majority of porn sites use Google Analytics and Facebook embeds that track you, even in incognito mode

If you only look at porn with your browser in incognito mode, your browser will not record your porn-viewing history; but the porn sites themselves overwhelmingly embed tracking scripts from Google

Small town, independent and municipally owned ISPs offer America's best connectivity

An article of faith among neoliberals is that monopolies are efficient because they are so profitable that they can offer better prices to their customers as well as better services. Reality has a

Using university syllabi to map the connections between every scholarly and scientific discipline

Joe Karganis writes, "This is the 'Co-Assignment Galaxy' created by David McClure. It maps the top 160K titles in the new Open Syllabus 2.0 dataset, based on the frequency with which those texts are

R. Kelly ordered to NY to face racketeering conspiracy and sexual abuse charges

The American singer-songwriter-sexual-predator R. Kelly has been ordered to be brought in the custody of U.S. Marshals to New York, where he will be arraigned on August 2 on racketeering conspiracy

Palm Beach sheriff opens internal affairs investigation into Jeffrey Epstein Florida case

On Friday, the Palm Beach sheriff opened an internal affairs investigation into the absurdly lenient handling of the Jeffrey Epstein case, after Epstein entered a guilty plea in his prostitution

After the Oliver Twist poorhouse became luxury housing with a segregated playground, London bans segregated play-areas

The world is full of corrupt oligarchs looking to smuggle their money out of their countries and put it somewhere where the rule of law that they have helped to dismantle at home still reigns; a

Will 'Top Gun: Maverick' be used to test new surround systems?

Nostalgia time! Top Gun was not my favorite Val Kilmer film, but it did teach me that the Navy pilots are more pilot than Air Force pilots. Football? Not volleyball?
Boing Boing's own Rob Beschizza interviewed on the Cool Tools podcast

Boing Boing's own Rob Beschizza interviewed on the Cool Tools podcast

Kevin Kelly and I interviewed Boing Boing's Rob Beschizza for the Cool Tools podcast. Rob is a fascinating person, as you probably already know from the thousands of posts he's written here. He is an

Having burnished their reputations with extravagant promises, the billionaires who pledged €600m. to rebuild Notre Dame are missing in action

Philanthropy is theoretically an expression of generosity and fellow-feeling, but in an increasingly unequal world, charitable giving is a form of reputation laundering for super-rich oligarchs who

This portable fire pit is pretty nice to have around

I was absolutely thrilled with this hot burning, nearly smoke-free portable fire pit. If you are dispersed camping and you do not want to dig a fire pit everywhere you go, or you just want to enjoy a

Startup offers to build studio apartments in homeowners' backyards and split the rental income

Rent the Backyard is a startup that is building small standalone apartments in people's backyards and splitting the rent with the homeowner. From Techcrunch: That means Rent the Backyard works with a

George Nader indicted on child porn charges and traveling with a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity

• Trump-linked businessman testified in Mueller probe • Search of 3 iPhones seized from George Nader in 2018 via search warrant turned up child pornography, say feds “Jailed Mueller witness George

16,000 NYT readers share their stories of being told to 'go back'

“Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” he wrote. Illegitimate, popular vote losing, obviously unfit President of the United States

More snarky comments about crappy design

"While most beds provide convenient ingress/egress from the sides, I wanted to design one where you need to crawl in and out through the foot of the bed. I also wanted it to be difficult to make the

Buried in the TOS: free Starbucks refills

Lifehacker bravely read Starbucks' Terms of Service and reports that you can get free refills on certain drinks. This is news to me. According to the company’s website, to qualify, you have to have