China's New Coronavirus Policies Disrupt U.S. Air Cargo Operations

China’s new coronavirus policies roiled the operations of FedEx and UPS, rattling flight crews, disrupting cargo shipments and prompting appeals from the carriers to top U.S. officials to stave off

'Go Back to Work': Brazil's President Dismisses Risks of Deadly Coronavirus

With a focus on the economy, the Brazilian leader faces growing resistance as the deadly disease takes a worsening toll.

Putin Extends Stay-at-Home Order Through April in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin extended a stay-at-home order through the end of the month, acknowledging the challenges of curbing the spread of coronavirus.

EU Proposes Jobs-Support Scheme Amid Coronavirus but Deep Rifts Remain

After bitter clashes over a collective economic response to the coronavirus crisis, European authorities have rolled out proposals aimed at convincing Spain and Italy the bloc is serious about

Coronavirus Consequence: Crackdown on Press Freedom World-Wide

China, Iran, Russia, Belarus, Venezuela and other countries are limiting the free flow of information, watchdog groups said, as decision makers around the world look at how the coronavirus contagion

In Africa, Fierce Enforcement of Coronavirus Lockdowns Is Stirring Resentment

Fears are growing in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda that tough policing of curfews and stay-at-home orders could hurt efforts to stem the pandemic’s advance.

A Million N95 Masks Are Coming From China---on the Patriots' Plane

The Massachusetts governor struck a deal for supplies but needed a way to transport them. The result was a tense saga and a shipment on the New England Patriots’ 767.

Global Cases Top One Million as Economic Toll Mounts

Confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus world-wide surpassed one million, a grim milestone for the pandemic as governments deploy increasingly stringent measures to battle its spread.

In Developing World, Coronavirus Slams Workers in Informal Economy

Hundreds of millions of people globally work odd jobs in a vast informal economy, from India to Africa to South America. With coronavirus quarantines keeping them from work, many fear homelessness and

Pakistani Court Overturns Murder Conviction in Killing of WSJ Reporter Daniel Pearl

A Pakistani court overturned the murder conviction of a British national for killing Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002, and reduced his death sentence to seven years for kidnapping.

Iran or Allies Are Plotting Against U.S. Forces, U.S. Intelligence Suggests

In a Wednesday tweet, the president accuses Iran of planning a sneak attack on U.S. troops or assets in Iraq.

Italy's Coronavirus Death Toll Is Far Higher Than Reported

Italy is undercounting thousands of deaths caused by the virus in the areas worst hit by the pandemic, a WSJ analysis shows, indicating the human toll may end up being much greater than official data

The Soccer Match That Kicked Off Italy's Coronavirus Disaster

Decision to hold Atalanta-Valencia Champions League match in February accelerated the spread of the pandemic in northern Italy; ‘an incredible explosion of cases.’

Some Nations Look to Mass Testing for Coronavirus

Some Western governments are turning to mass testing for the new coronavirus, hoping that quickly isolating more new carriers could halt its spread and allow the gradual reopening of stores, offices

Japan, Bucking Consensus, Says Limited Coronavirus Testing Is Enough

Tokyo reports relatively few cases and deaths despite the country’s low screening rate, though the policy holds risks.

Wimbledon Is Canceled Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Wimbledon became the latest major sporting event to be struck off the 2020 calendar due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

China Asserts Claim to Global Leadership, Mask by Mask

Initially criticized as slow to react to the coronavirus, Beijing is providing equipment and advice to hard-hit nations such as Italy, drawing a contrast with the U.S. and making sure everyone knows

A Wuhan Writer Takes On China's Communist Machine and Becomes an Online Star

Debate rages over allowing independent voices in China after Wuhan writer Wang Fang, known to millions as Fang Fang, documented life and death in a locked-down city ravaged by coronavirus.

Guatemala Asks U.S. to Halt Deportations of Guatemalans to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

Guatemala’s government has asked the U.S. to stop deportations of Guatemalans to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the impoverished Central American country, days after local authorities

Italy Hopeful That Coronavirus Pandemic Is Slowing Down

Italian authorities believe the country’s coronavirus crisis is slowing appreciably after three weeks of national lockdown, a hopeful sign for other Western countries that are following approaches