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Powerful Republican Caucus Wants Vote on Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s Conservative DACA Bill

Powerful Republican Caucus Wants Vote on Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s Conservative DACA Bill

An influential caucus of conservative Republicans is pushing House Speaker Paul Ryan to hold a vote on an immigration reform bill that has emerged as... Read More The post Powerful Republican Caucus

Trump Goes After Automatic Raises, ‘Worst’ Employees to Drain the Swamp

Most federal employees—99.7 percent, in fact—get a “performance based” raise each year under the government’s pay system. “We’ve set up a $1 billion fund with... Read More The post Trump Goes After

New White House Budget Would Bail Out Obamacare

The White House’s Office of Management and Budget just released its annual budget proposal—and on health policy, it’s sending massively mixed messages. The Trump administration’s... Read More The post

Recovering the Keys to Black Success

Carter G. Woodson, noted scholar, historian, and educator, created “Negro History Week” in 1926, which became Black History Month in 1976. Woodson chose February because... Read More The post

Frederick Douglass Knew That Racial Identity Is No Antidote to Racial Injustice

Frederick Douglass, the greatest of all American abolitionists, possibly the greatest American champion of the cause of equal rights, was born 200 years ago in... Read More The post Frederick Douglass

‘Lack of Candor’ Cited Before in Surveillance Requests by Obama Administration

A judge who is part of a secret court system criticized the Obama administration for “an institutional lack of candor” in seeking warrants to spy... Read More The post ‘Lack of Candor’ Cited Before in

Let’s Make Washington Work Like We Do

Last week, Washington, D.C., reminded us it lives by a different set of rules. That’s when Congress passed a spending bill that provided much-needed military... Read More The post Let’s Make

Problematic Women: The Media’s Infatuation With Kim Jong Un’s Sister

Sports Illustrated claims it’s doing charity work by encouraging sexual assault survivors to take their clothes off, leading to larger dialogue about what empowerment means. The media has a

Sen. Marco Rubio Explains Why More Gun Laws Won’t ‘Stop This From Happening’

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., spoke Thursday about the shooting that left 17 dead and 14 wounded at a high school in Parkland, Florida. Above is... Read More The post Sen. Marco Rubio Explains Why More

6 Common Media Myths About Gun Control

The latest mass shooting, this time at a Florida high school, was one of the deadliest school shootings since the Columbine massacre in 1999. So... Read More The post 6 Common Media Myths About Gun

History Has a Way of Vindicating Great Presidents. So Don’t Prejudge Trump.

A recent event in Washington featured accomplished academics and government officials, some of whom had worked for either the George W. Bush or Obama administrations,... Read More The post History Has

Exclusive: Ben Carson Says He’s Not ‘Going Anywhere’

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, who has faced intense scrutiny and even calls for his ouster over a furniture order, said in an... Read More The post Exclusive: Ben Carson Says

The Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., 50 Years Later

Fifty years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. The Daily Signal’s Jamie Jackson talks to a panel of guests about the legacy of... Read More The post The Legacy of Martin Luther King

3 Reasons the Left Hates Scott Pruitt

You know why they are going after Environmental Protection Agency secretary Scott Pruitt? I can give you at least three reasons. No. 1: He has... Read More The post 3 Reasons the Left Hates Scott

Why Ben Shapiro Thinks Media Will Ignore YouTube Shooting

Many in the media will ignore the Tuesday shooting at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, because the facts of the situation don’t support their... Read More The post Why Ben Shapiro Thinks

How Local Right-to-Work Battles Could Land at Supreme Court

If a federal court strikes down a local right-to-work ordinance in Illinois, the case could move up to the Supreme Court, according to legal analysts... Read More The post How Local Right-to-Work

State Department Needs Mike Pompeo

The president’s decision to nominate CIA Director Mike Pompeo as the next secretary of state is wise and timely. Pompeo grasps the complex nuances of... Read More The post State Department Needs Mike

10 Questions Mark Zuckerberg Should Answer When He Testifies Before Congress

When Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress Tuesday and Wednesday he will have plenty of explaining to do to answer a torrent... The post 10 Questions Mark Zuckerberg

‘Pay Gap’ Myth Ignores Women’s Intentional Job Choices

Tuesday is supposedly “Equal Pay Day,” but what does that mean? Well, according to outdated, flawed, and incomplete statistics that say women make only 82... Read More The post ‘Pay Gap’ Myth Ignores

Conservative Lawmakers Push Abandoned Tool as Way for Trump to Slash Spending

Conservatives who are unhappy with the $1.3 trillion spending bill signed last month by President Donald Trump want the president to ask Congress to rescind... Read More The post Conservative