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media bias

BOOM! George Bush Just Put NBC’S Matt Lauer In His Place – TRUMP STYLE! [VIDEO]

Grab the popcorn, because this is a work of art and deserves to be properly appreciated. George Bush was recently interviewed with Matt Lauer who attempted to get the 43rd

RUDE! CNN Cuts Off This Congressman As Soon As He Mentions THIS! [WATCH]

CNN has a terrible habit of limiting the topic it is appropriate for their guests to discuss and when someone makes the mistake of broaching a taboo subject, they are

OMG! Baggage Handlers Leave AMAZING Stickers on CNN Cameraman’s Luggage

Well, I can understand the sentiment, but this is not what I would call professional at all. A CNN reporter picked up his luggage for a flight with Southwest Airlines.

Disney CEO Staying as Trump Adviser, Makes THIS Claim About His Company’s “LIBERAL BIAS” [VIDEO]

Disney CEO Bob Iger just got his panties in a twist because someone had the temerity to call him out on his media bias. He hotly defended both ABC News

BUSTED! NYT Exposed For “FAKE NEWS” Use “Stealth Edits” To Cover What They Did…

Don’t you just love it when a huge, liberal-leaning news site gets busted perpetuating fake news? Better yet is when they get busted and instead of correcting the record, they

Ted Cruz Takes A Picture In OVAL OFFICE, Now Liberals Are Going NUTS – Because Of 1 Detail…

I still adore Ted Cruz and he is a class act all the way. He has gone out of his way to mend fences with President Trump and forgive and

W.H. Press Corps BRAWL And SCREAM During Session! ‘They hate blacks, Jews, Hispanics’

Whoa! This is a first. At a White House press briefing yesterday, things turned wild. Fox News radio host Jon Decker showed up and announced the arrival of Gateway Pundit

SNL slammed Trump and Ivanka, here’s what happened [VIDEO]

I watched both of these Saturday Night Live clips and they are not funny in the least. I tend to laugh at a lot of things, but not this. First

Fake News AP Reporter Accuses Mark Levin Of This And Gets Ripped A New One For It

Mark Levin is not someone you want to tick off. Ever. The leftist media is not just trying to bring down President Trump and his cabinet, they are also going

Washington Post describes Trump golf course vandalism as ‘daring act of defiance’

"Tearing up the golf course felt justified in many ways."

Watch What CNN Does IMMEDIATELY When Obamacare Victim Speaks Out

Much of the mainstream media is overrun with liberal bias, but it’s evidently become so bad that they can’t even show people expressing viewpoints that run opposite to their beliefs.

NY Times: Trump Is Not Above The Courts Or Something

Suddenly, the Constitution matters to the NY Times, per Martin H. Redish Trump Is Not Above the Courts So much has happened during these early weeks of President Trump’s administration

Late-night shows turn mean for Trump ‘jokes’

Trump tried to deduct son Eric as a tax loss

Rachel Maddow Plays the Blame Game: “Trump’s Tax” Flop Isn’t My Fault!

Rachel Maddow’s exclusive “scoop” on Donald Trump’s tax return ended up being a giant flop, so embarrassing that people began comparing it to Geraldo Rivera’s giant letdown during “The Mystery

Maddow Blames MELANIA for Clean Tax Returns in Nasty, Bizarre Rant

Rachel Maddow has been handed the biggest embarrassment of her professional career, but she refuses to let it go and move on. She’s tried to blame it on her viewers,

OOPS! Washington Post CAUGHT Changing Their ANTI-IMMIGRATION Headline

It’s no surprise that the media doesn’t approve of Donald Trump or his agenda, but what is in question is just how far their hatred of Trump goes. The Washington

Donna Brazile CONFESSES To LEAKING Debate Questions To Clinton Camp… THEN BLAMES RUSSIA!?

Donna Brazile has actually come out and confessed that she handed questions from CNN to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in the last election. But mixed up in all that, she

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: [Trump] Got To The White House By ‘Bulls****ing’ His Way Through Life [WATCH]

CNN host Fareed Zakaria…yeah, he’s up on the chopping block today – and no that wasn’t a reference to radical Islam or me somehow comparing him to some awful form

Rachel Maddow Just Got MORE Bad News After Tax Return Fiasco

If Rachel Maddow wasn’t such a biased, insane liberal asshat, I might actually feel sorry for her. She hyped what she thought was a monster scoop last week. Not only

Fox News Reportedly Suspends Popular Host – The Reason Why Has Viewers Shocked…

Fox News has officially suspended Judge Andrew Napolitano indefinitely over his surveillance claims on President Trump. At issue here is the claim made by Napolitano that the intelligence agencies