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Make your own WWDC 2018 3D model

Martin Hajek is best known for producing beautiful renders of rumored iPhones, but he came up with something different today: a 3D model of the logo for Apple’s upcoming developer conference. Not a

Beautiful RED iPhone X mockups show what could have been

Apple missed a golden opportunity to bust out a RED iPhone X to go with the (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus based on the latest mockups from our favorite Apple concept artist. Martin Hajek

Curved iPhone mockups look like Nokia’s famous ‘banana phone’

Apple is reportedly working on a curved iPhone that would allow users to control it by hovering their hands over the screen. Unlike the edges seen on Samsung’s curved handsets, or the subtle curves

This PRODUCT(RED) iPhone X mockup is RED hot

Apple didn’t announce a mid-year iPhone refresh at yesterday’s education-focused media event, but that isn’t stopping fans from dreaming. Leading the pack is designer Martin Hajek, who has taken a

iPad Pro X concept wows with edge-to-edge design

Here’s what an iPad Pro with an iPhone X-style, edge-to-edge display might look like. Concept designer Martin Hajek combined the rumored iOS tablet with the logo for Apple’s next developer conference.

Designer Creates Beautiful Renders of the iPhone X in Gold

Martin Hajek is a well known figure in the mobile industry. He is known for creating extremely convincing mockups of popular smartphones. He has now come up with a mockup of the iPhone X in several

Gold iPhone X mockup looks absolutely stunning

Gold iPhones are set to make a big comeback in 2018 and based on these gorgeous mockups, the wait will definitely be worth it. Concept designer Martin Hajek has busted out a few mockups on what the

Stylish Apple Glasses concept imagines the AR future

Apple’s probably not coming out with AR glasses anytime this decade, but that’s not stopping concept designers from flooding the web with dreams of what Apple’s spectacles will look like. This latest

iPad X concept looks edge-to-edge gorgeous

The iPhone X has brought an all-new design language to the iPhone, complete with jaw-dropping infinite display. But how would Apple’s iPad look if it adopted the same bezel-free aesthetics as Apple’s

Drool-worthy concept gives iPhone X a Plus-sized upgrade

The iPhone X hasn’t even been out for a week but this new concept has got us lusting to upgrade already. Mockup artist Martin Hajek has created an all-new concept of what the Plus-sized iPhone could