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iPhone 11 first impressions: Pretty, powerful, and a perfect shooter

Apple’s newest iPhone lineup has landed. I picked up an iPhone 11 this year and I’ve hardly put it down since it landed on my doorstep this morning. So, here are my first impressions so far. iPhone 11

iPhone 11 review roundup: Great cameras make for great upgrade

The very first iPhone 11 reviews are out, which means it’s time to find out whether that $699+ you just spent on an upgrade was worth it. And you probably won’t be surprised to hear the results.

iPhone 11 vs. Pro vs. Pro Max: Which one should you buy?

Apple’s newest iPhone lineup features its first ever “Pro” smartphones, plus a more affordable entry-level model that’s a big upgrade over iPhone XR. iPhone 8 is also sticking around for now. That’s

Report: 16-Inch MacBook Pro Will Launch in Fall, 10.2-Inch iPad Air Production to Start in July

The rumors about the upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro keeps trickling in. The latest report by Economic Daily News mentions that the new MacBook Pro will enter production only in the last quarter of this

iPad Air vs. Pro vs. mini: Which one’s right for you?

Apple today added two new iPads to its lineup while dropping the 10.5-inch iPad Pro released in 2017. It now offers five different tablets, each of which has its own advantages. So how do you choose

16-inch MacBook Pro in 2019: What Can We Realistically Expect

Apple’s famous MacBook Pro was last updated in October 2016. The thinner and slimmer laptops have had their fair share of controversy — removing traditional USB-A ports and the SD card slot, it made

Apple plans complete switch to OLED iPhone displays in 2020

Apple plans to use OLED displays in all iPhone versions from 2020, according to a new report. The flagship iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max already use OLED technology, but the more affordable iPhone XR

Netflix update adds support for 2018 iPad Pro lineup

The Netflix app is now fully compatible with the new iPad Pro. It takes full advantage of the space offered by the latest Liquid Retina displays, which are the first iPad screens with rounded corners

2018 iPad Pro teardown reveals a bunch of big improvements

iFixit has finally gotten around to tearing apart the 2018 iPad Pro. Unsurprisingly, it has discovered lots of big improvements under the hood of Apple’s latest tablet, and more chips than you can
iPhone XR review: Keeping compromises to a minimum

iPhone XR review: Keeping compromises to a minimum

Apple’s slightly cheaper handset is the best new iPhone for most people.
iPhone XR review: Keeping compromises to a minimum

iPhone XR review: Keeping compromises to a minimum

Apple’s slightly cheaper handset is the best new iPhone for most people.

2018 iPad Pro review roundup: The best tablet money can buy

Apple’s exciting new iPad Pro lineup goes on sale Wednesday, and according to the reviews so far, you should absolutely be rushing out to get one. The iPad Pro was already the best tablet money could

iPhone XR review: Why buy anything else?

The iPhone XR is typical Apple. It’s an entry-level phone with a bunch of premium features. Jony Ive just cannot cut corners, even if he wanted to. This is no plasticky, cut-rate phone built to meet a

iPhone XR review roundup: Apple’s cheapest is one of its best

The first iPhone XR reviews are out just a few days before the handset makes its official debut, and one thing’s clear: This is one of Apple’s best smartphones to date. Despite being a more affordable

Phil Schiller Talks Extensively about the iPhone XR; Addresses 720p Display Resolution

Ahead of the iPhone XR launch later this week, Apple’s Phil Schiller sat down with Engadget’s Chris Velazco for an interview where he talks extensively about the device.