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Apple should replace the iPhone’s Lightning port, not remove it

Apple should replace the iPhone’s Lightning port, not remove it

European regulators are hoping to force Apple to adopt USB-C for iPhones, but the company might drop its data and power port for wireless alternatives.

EU Parliament debates forcing Apple to kill the Lightning port

The European Parliament will soon vote on whether to require all phones, tablets and other mobile devices to use a single type of charger. If passed, this could force Apple to abandon its proprietary

Europe Deliberating a Law that Forces Smartphones to Have Same Charging Port, Apple Voices Concern

European regulatory authority is mulling legislation to force all smartphone manufacturers to use a standard charging port. If passed, the law will make it mandatory for all smartphone manufacturers

Rumor: 2021 iPhone Will Be Completely Wireless and Ditch Lightning Connector

Starting from 2021, Apple is likely to ditch the Lightning connector on iPhones. The report note by famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the “highest-end model” in the 2021 iPhone lineup is expected

Report Says 2019 iPhones Will Come with USB Type-C Charger

Apple is expected to pull the wraps from the new iPhones and Apple Watch in September. The rumors are rife and hinting at new features and functionality. ChargerLab claims that Apple will finally

Why it’s time for Apple to pull the plug on Lightning cables [Opinion]

On Tuesday, Apple is almost certainly going to unveil the first iPad with a USB-C port. This could easily mark the beginning of the end for the Lightning connector across all iOS devices. USB is a

Say good-bye to the Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter

Back in the distant mists of 2012, everyone needed an adapter to plug their collection of 30-pin charging cables into Apple’s new Lightning port. Fast forward to today and this once crucial accessory

EU may force iPhone to switch from Lightning to USB

Apple has its Lightning connector and everyone else has USB. But EU regulators are considering whether they need to force a common standard for phone chargers. The idea is to cut down on the 51,000

Next-gen Lightning connector could seal out water

Apple designed a waterproof Lighting connector that could block out liquids, dust and dirt when inserted into an iPhone. The company filed a patent application for its design, potentially pointing to
Apple patent application details waterproof Lightning connector

Apple patent application details waterproof Lightning connector

As the difference between “water-resistant” and “waterproof” generally comes down to whether a device can survive a splash or submersion, removing or shrinking holes can make all the difference.