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Stephen Curry prolific despite tweaking his right ankle in win over Hawks

Warriors guard Stephen Curry said he will play on Tuesday against the Brooklyn Nets.

CCS basketball: Mitty girls topple Pinewood for Open title again

Haley Jones and Co. absorb early Pinewood run, then put foot on gas and roll to 76-62 victory for 27th section crown.

Man offers to share his family’s ‘stolen land’ with First Nations family

Joel Holmberg was tired of seeing racist language against the First Nations on social media. So instead of allowing such prejudice to flourish, the 45-year-old took to Facebook with an offer of

Black cats are the last to be adopted — but Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ helped change the stigma

Despite their winning personalities, black cats will allegedly languish in American animal shelters for longer periods of time than their differently-colored counterparts. That’s because western

‘How dare you!’: Parkland students rail against NRA and Republicans on ‘Real Time’

Parkland students David Hogg and Cameron Kasky told “Real Time” host Bill Maher that the reason they want a national #MarchForOurLives rally is because they want people to know that they shouldn’t be

High-grossing retail executive slammed with a lawsuit after making a flight attendant clean up dog crap

Hudson Bay Company executive chairman Richard Baker has been hit with a lawsuit alleging he treated a corporate flight attendant like his and his wife’s “personal servant” for years. The New York

Bill Maher calls Jared Kushner ‘so stupid’ he might as well be called ‘Jared Palin’

Bill Maher stared Friday’s show naming off the week of scandal. He said that there was so much that all he could do was move through chronological At this point, so many people have left he half

CCS basketball: Bellarmine beats Mitty, wins first Open crown

WCAL player of year Jake Wojcik scores 24 points to lead Bells to a 66-58 victory over reigning champ.

Doctors turn down pay raise so their fellow health care workers can get one instead

Instead of accepting a pay raise for themselves, over 250 Québec doctors have asked the provincial government to give the pay raise to overworked nurses and clerks. Following a newly-proposed medical

Fascinating glimpse into what some of the earliest stars in the universe might have looked like

Meanwhile in space: moon activity and satellites watching satellite launches . An artist’s rendering of what the first stars might have looked like in the Universe. N.R.Fuller, National Science

Heart attacks seem more common after extreme temperature changes: study

Unseasonably warm afternoons might not do us much good. Extreme weather tied to heart health. Pexels Temperatures along the East Coast began fluctuating wildly last month, from winter-like cold one

Astronomers discovered a unique water-rich exoplanet the size of Saturn

Researchers were surprised by how much water vapor they found in a ‘hot Jupiter’ – three times more than on Saturn. Credit: NASA, ESA. Although NASA has already confirmed thousands of exoplanets –

It’s official: Scientists and researches have confirmed that pesticides are harming the bees

A new, comprehensive report from European scientists confirms what many researchers have already been warning about: a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids poses a danger to wild bees and managed

Breakthrough in the search for dark matter from the first ever stars

Using radio antennas no bigger than a hotel fridge, a small team of astronomers managed to glimpse into the dawn of time, and they published their findings just yesterday. But if that wasn’t dramatic

Former Attorney General Eric Holder perfectly schools Trump and Jeff Sessions: ‘I had a president I did not have to protect’

During a panel discussion on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” former Attorney General Eric Holder couldn’t help but take a few shots at the current top law enforcement officer who holds the position.

Watch ex-AG Holder explain to Parkland survivor David Hogg the steps he needs to take to beat the NRA

During the “Overtime” portion of the HBO’s “Real Time,” former Attorney General Eric Holder engaged Parkland survivor David Hogg in a fascinating discussion on how the NRA has manipulated gun laws in

‘He’s become part of the chaos’: Conservative editor turns on John Kelly and calls for chants of ‘lock him up’

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day,” the deputy managing editor of the Weekly Standard tore into White House Chief of Staff for enabling President Donald Trump’s worst tendencies and said that, instead of

Children forced to live in plywood box shelter in Joshua Tree, amid trash and feces: authorities

Children lived in plywood box shelter in Joshua Tree, amid trash and feces, authorities say JOSHUA TREE, Calif. — The three children were found living in a makeshift shelter in an isolated part of

‘Don’t apologize! Double down’: Pastor reveals Trump encouraged him to post pictures of Hillary in blackface

A controversial black preacher revealed that President Donald Trump called to scold him for apologizing after posting a tweet showing 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in

Swedish appliance manufacturer pulls plug on $250 million Tennessee plant investment in retaliation for Trump tariffs

According to Reuters, Swedish appliance manufacturer Electrolux announced on Friday that it will put off a plan to make a $250 million investment in a plant in Springfield, Tenn., after President