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California Democrats’ Sanctuary Includes Violent Criminals

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) have been clear that they oppose California allowing the state or its sanctuary cities from

Sen. Kevin de Leon: “Half my family is here illegally”

California State Senator Joel Anderson, R-El Cajon, makes an appearance on “Fox and Friends” to discuss state Senate President Pro-Tem Kevin de Leon’s recent admission that half of his family is in

The Disaster of Believing in 100% Renewable Energy

Senate Bill 584, the California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program, introduced by state Senator Kevin de Leon, would reformulate the calculations for how much energy California would receive from

Don’t Rush Toward Gas and Transportation Taxes

The governor and legislative leaders came out from behind closed doors with a transportation tax and road fix plan and demand to pass the measure through the legislature in one week. Feels a lot like

California Advances Private Sector Retirement Plan Without Feds

As reported by KQED: California officials vowed to move ahead with a retirement savings program for the state’s private sector workers, a day after losing the federal government’s support for the

Will Federal Law Kill California’s Secure Choice Retirement Scheme?

An unprecedented state law meant to create 401(k)-style retirement accounts for millions of private-sector workers in California now faces a daunting obstacle to ever being implemented: one of the

State Assembly defies new transparency law

SACRAMENTO – California voters in November overwhelmingly passed Proposition 54, a constitutional amendment to promote transparency by requiring all bills in their “final form” to be published online

The relentless battle for legislative transparency

For decades, it has been nearly impossible for ordinary citizens to pierce the veil of legislative secrecy in our state capital. Of course, California is not unique — legislative bodies have sought to

California Closer to Becoming ‘Sanctuary State’

The California State Assembly Judiciary Committee approved Democrats’ so-called “sanctuary state” bill on Wednesday, over the objections of law enforcement groups and Democrat-leaning sheriffs’

Legislature’s scary precedent: Giving unions private workers’ cell numbers, home addresses

Even those Capitol observers who are aware of the degree to which the Democratic-controlled Legislature is in the tank for public-sector unions might be shocked by the latest bill that’s making its

Jerry Brown, California Legislature, Reach Cap-and-Trade Extension Deal

California Governor Jerry Brown announced Tuesday evening that he had reached a deal with both chambers of the state legislature to extend the Golden State’s “cap-and-trade” program beyond its

California’s Attempt At “Massive Resistance” as Sanctuary State

California’s decision to become a “Sanctuary State” and defy the federal government on immigration, likely to become law later this month, places California in the company of state’s rights extremists

Political Water Scams Back on the California Ballot

My 2016 article, Why Can’t California Farmers Get the Water They Need?, exposed Gov. Brown’s shadow government appointees at the State Water Resources Control Board that ordered the release of massive

Democrats seek $4 billion bond for water, flood control, parks

As reported by the Sacramento Bee: As torrential rains and dangerous flood waters pummel large swaths of Texas and parts of Louisiana, California lawmakers are eying legislation to prevent similar

California’s sanctuary state law is moving forward

"The latest version of Senate Bill 54 would allow federal immigration officers to interview people in custody..." The post California’s sanctuary state law is moving forward appeared first on Hot Air.

California on the verge of ‘sanctuary state’ status after legislative deal

Gov. Jerry Brown and Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, reached a compromise on the state’s “sanctuary state” bill this week, in a deal that amends the legislation to expand the

Unions Stop CA Democrats from Requiring 100% Renewable Energy by 2036

California unions killed the Democrats’ last-minute push to force the state to adopt 100 percent renewable electricity production by 2046, over worries the nation’s highest utility costs are killing

Why California Senate leader’s 100% renewable energy bill failed

From pioneering air-pollution control programs in Los Angeles County in the 1940s to setting nationally copied standards on fuel efficiency and emissions to the 2006 passage of AB32, the state’s

California is now a sanctuary state. Is non-citizen voting next?

With Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature on Senate Bill 54, California now calls itself a sanctuary state. There is strong symbolism in the move, although California governments’ actions relative to
The Democrats’ Dianne Feinstein Problem

The Democrats’ Dianne Feinstein Problem

In 2006, anti-war progressive Ned Lamont defeated Joe Lieberman in Connecticut’s Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. Lieberman promptly started a “Connecticut for Lieberman” party and ran as its