Rare Rides: A Mazda Bongo 4×4 – JDM Van Time From 1994

For decades, the Japanese market has loved vans of all shapes and sizes, ranging from basic kei to fully-loaded VIP luxury. Rare Rides has touched on JDM van time just once previously, with a

Blending Engineering & Art With Izanami Wheel

Stepping into Izanami Wheel is like walking into an artist’s studio. The walls are adorned with inspirational artefacts and every surface is covered with shards of creative gold. If you like wheels,

Finding An R33 GT-R Powerhouse In The Middle Of Nowhere

When the subject of Nissan’s Skyline GT-R comes up in automotive talk, it’ll nearly always be about the BNR32 or BNR34. The latter is definitely my favorite; the BCNR33, not so much. But as I found

Preserving An Icon: The R.Y.O. Japan AE86

Some cars have been carefully and brilliantly reimagined, such as the ex-BN Sports PS13. There’s a former D1GP Silvia which is still in action, an ex-Shino Kouba AE86 which is currently living its

Six Selects From Ireland’s Finest BBQ

Instead, consider this an introduction to six cars, some of which I’m going to try and hunt down for more in-depth features in the coming weeks and months. You know, proper Speedhunting. These are

JDM: Nissan Versa Note Nismo Black Edition

What’s going on with the NISMO division these days? Though still a reputable supplier of Nissan performance parts, the in-house tuning division’s consumer vehicles leave a lot to be desired. While

Red Rock Redemption: The Las Vegas Hakosuka

Simply put, some cars are more special than others. Many are quite special to a few, and a few are a little bit special to many. Then, there are the rare holy grail type cars, the ones that appeal to

Grilled Meet: The Juicebox BBQ Part II

If there’s anything that events like the Juicebox BBQ teach us, it’s that so many of us enjoy real cars. You know the type – cars that make up for limited budgets with little bits of ingenuity, and

Stolen, Recovered & Rebuilt Better Than Ever

Callum, the 300ZX’s owner, took two years to find this particular car after looking for something Nissan and different. Being one of only 30 Z32s originally imported and sold by Nissan South Africa in

Emerald Style: The Juicebox BBQ Part I

That’s a crazy statistic. More of you came to view this humble Irish gathering than Tokyo Auto Salon, SEMA, Players, Wörthersee, Ultimate Dubs, Autosport International and many more. The only events

Celebrating Japanese Cars In Ireland

Ireland shares the same side of the road and car as the Japanese, which is obviously a huge benefit when compared to left-hand drive and countries which drive on the right, but at a guess I would

Going With The Flow In Indonesia

That old saying, ‘The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry’ fits my latest cultural exploration in Indonesia perfectly. Because no matter how carefully one plans things out or dots the i’s
Meet The Quiet Japanese Tuner Who Makes Your Old Mercedes Sound Like An F1 Car

Meet The Quiet Japanese Tuner Who Makes Your Old Mercedes Sound Like An F1 Car

In the city of Kawasaki, south of Tokyo, you’ll be lucky to find this one nondescript garage. There’s no signage, branding, or any indication that magic happens here. This is Technical Garage Sasaki,

Basking In Grassroots Drift Glory At SLY Summit

There’s something so special and unique about proper grassroots drifting that if you were to give me the choice of covering a small amateur event or an FIA-sanctioned competition round, I’d choose the

When Things Go Wrong…

Sometimes you get lucky and it’s only a love tap from another car that came in a bit hot, while other times it can be a little more serious… Unfortunately for Manabu-san and his KE70 Corolla, the

The Ratty Drift Hakosuka

At SLY Summit’s grassroots drift jamboree this past weekend – an event I’ll be bringing you coverage of very soon – the kyusha class had not one, but four C10 Hakosukas sliding around the Sportsland

The Highs & Lows Of Wekfest Los Angeles

For years, Los Angeles, California has been known as an automotive mecca for new aftermarket trends, styles, and even jaw-dropping builds. Don’t get me wrong, we still have incredible builds and a

Big Style, Small Wheels: An R31 Skyline Done Right

And that challenge is only made harder when the vehicle owner is very passionate about their finished project. One would assume there would always be passion behind every build, but trust me, that

In The Moment: An Introduction To Malaysia’s Art Of Speed

It’s been intensive, it’s been eye opening, but most of all it’s been a hell of a lot of fun. Constant chatter, struggling bus engines, and even the occasional wail for attention from an exhaust-less

Leap Of Faith: Buying An RX-7 Sight Unseen

Whether it be the first drive prior to purchase, or the first drive after years atop jack stands, maiden voyages always have a profound impact on a project’s direction. What needs to change, what