irish rallying

Braving The Elements Of Irish Gravel Rallying

It’s that tiniest of pauses, no more than a matter of seconds, before day seemingly turns into night. This is what gravel rallying is about. A huge amount of photography is about anticipation.

The Lakes Of Killarney

Saturday morning. 5:00am. The middle of nowhere. It’s the thud of metal forcibly meeting wood that brings me to consciousness, yet it is the accompanying string of expletives that spill like the

The Ultimate Rallying Escort

Imagine, for a second, that we’re back in 1979. Lightyears away from the world we know today, two Swedes named Björn stride the planet as respective Gods. While one needed the help of his three

Irish Rallying: The Boom Is Back

There has been a sense of excitement through every facet of the rallying world here on the Emerald Isle for the past few months, on a par with halcyon days of old, and unequivocally different to the