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iPhone shipments dropped a ‘staggering’ 30% last quarter

Although Apple no longer reports the number of iPhone units it sells, the company did admit there was a steep decline in handset revenue in the first three months of this year. Analysts are out with

Apple Bets on iPhone Trade-In Program to Boost Slowing Sales

Trade-in and financing programs have been popular with iPhone customers.

iPhone XR completely dominates Apple’s US sales

The iPhone XR accounted for 38 percent of all Apple’s US handset sales during the first three months of this this year, according to a market research company. Combined with the iPhone XS and XS Max,

iPhone sales finally show signs of life in China

The latest round of iPhone price cuts on China have accomplished their goal, according to an analyst with Wedbush. Demand for Apple handsets has increased in that country. That’s very good news for

Did Apple reverse its revenue slide? We’ll know April 30.

We’ll soon know if Apple made progress drumming up more demand for the latest iPhones in Asia. Weak demand in China caused a surprising year-over-year drop in Apple’s total revenue during the last

iPhone SE 2 could be the savior Apple needs [Opinion]

iPhone sales are down, especially in emerging markets. The reason is simple: Apple’s devices cost too darn much. And the solution is equally simple: Apple must make a new budget model. In short, it

Americans are far more interested in buying iPhone than Android

Americans about to purchase a handset are far more interested in an iPhone than in devices running the rival Android OS, according to a survey done by an industry analysis firm. But the news isn’t all
The Oracle of Omaha has given up on Oracle, the company

The Oracle of Omaha has given up on Oracle, the company

The "Oracle of Omaha" has given up on Oracle, the company.

Apple’s iPhone sales problem isn’t limited to China

China is not the only part of the world where Apple’s iPhone is losing market share to hard-charging Chinese brands. Sales of the iPhone are falling off in Europe and Thailand, the second-biggest

Upgrade rate slows by 33 percent as we hold onto our iPhones ever longer

The days when people bought a new iPhone every two years are over, according to an industry analyst. In fact, many people are holding on to their handsets for twice that long. That’s bad news for
Apple's Retail and Online Stores Chief, Angela Ahrendts, to Leave By April

Apple's Retail and Online Stores Chief, Angela Ahrendts, to Leave By April

Apple’s head of retail and online stores, former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, is departing the tech giant after five years, CNN reported on Tuesday. Read more...
Apple’s head of retail is leaving the company

Apple’s head of retail is leaving the company

Angela Ahrendts, the head of Apple’s retail division, will step down in April after five years in the role, the company announced today (Feb. 5).…

Samsung holiday sales beat iPhone for first time in years

Apple’s last quarter was so bad the company broke its long-running streak of outselling Samsung during the holiday gift season. Going back for several years, the maker of the Galaxy line of Android

Apple won’t say how many iPhones it sold, but here’s a good guess

Not included in the Q4 financial results Apple just announced was the number of iPhone units sold. An analyst firm quickly filled in the gap, estimating that 65.9 million iOS handsets shipped in the
Apple is in fantastic shape (as long as you ignore the iPhone)

Apple is in fantastic shape (as long as you ignore the iPhone)

Well, it could’ve been much worse. Apple reported its first-quarter earnings (its fiscal year starts in October) today, Jan. 29. Investors and analysts had braced…

Why this week’s Apple earnings report is the most important in years

When Apple unveils its earnings report for last year’s crucial holiday quarter, the entire world will be watching for signs of the company’s long-rumored impending doom. Several factors will make

Respected analyst says everyone’s too pessimistic about Apple

Ming-Chi Kuo, a tech analyst with a decent record for accuracy, predicts Apple will sell more iPhones in 2019 than many other analysts are anticipating. To be clear, Kuo isn’t predicting a banner year

Budget iPhone XR ends 2018 outselling both iPhone XS models

Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly said the company would rather make the best smartphone than the cheapest. Yet, Apple’s budget model iPhone XR sold more in the U.S. during the fiscal quarter that