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iPhone shipments slip as Samsung surges

Apple’s two largest competitors enjoyed growth in smartphone sales last quarter, with both Samsung and Huawei up. iPhone sales dropped, however. The market analysts at Canalys credited the decline to

By the numbers: Apple crushes it again

A quick glance at the Apple Q4 2019 earnings report shows the company just finished a record three months, but a deeper dive into the numbers reveals how Apple managed to pull in more revenue than it

iPhone 11 sales took off like a rocket

The iPhone 11 along with the Pro series reportedly accounted for a sizable chunk of Apple’s August-through-September handset sales, even though they were only available for two weeks during that

iPhone 11 sales close to exceeding Apple’s expectations

iPhone is selling at a rate that almost beats Apple’s production target. The company gave its component suppliers a range of units it expected to sell this year, and actual sales are reportedly at the

Pricier iPhone 11 Pro models outsell cheaper iPhone 11

Combined sales of the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are higher than for the more affordable non-Pro version, according to a reliable analyst. The top-tier models are reportedly selling better than

Lower iPhone 11 price shows Apple got the message [Opinion]

You spoke and Apple listened. There was widespread criticism that last year’s iPhones were too expensive, and so the just-announced iPhone 11 is a better device for less money. Even as the target of

Trump tariffs could drop iPhone sales 20%

No matter what President Trump keeps insisting, his upcoming tariffs on all Apple products will be paid for either by the company or by Americans who buy iPhones, iPads and Macs. A market-analysis

Apple’s installed base will soon pass 1.5 billion devices

The total number of all Apple computers in active use is growing strongly, and is about to pass the 1.5 billion mark. This includes Macs, iPhones, and iPads. That said, most of the total are iPhones.

iPhone sales drop double digits as rivals thrive

Apple just finished its third consecutive quarter with declining year-over-year iPhone sales. That’s left the company solidly in third place behind Samsung and Huawei, both of whom saw an uptick. Some

Apple’s smart moves start to pay off in India

Apple has a slender percentage of Indian handset sales, but there’s cause for optimism. We spoke with Anshika Jain, an analyst at Counterpoint Research, to see whether the changes Apple has been

Apple suppliers prep to build 75 million next-gen iPhones this year

Apple suppliers reportedly are gearing up to produce 75 million iPhone 11 devices this year. That number falls roughly in line with the number Apple produced last year for the iPhone XR, XS and XS

iPhone demand in China is on the rise again

The drop in iPhone sales among Chinese consumers that hurt Apple so much last year is now a thing of the past, according to market analysts. The company saw five straight months of growth in that

Mobile officially tops TV as American’s biggest time waster

US adults spend more time on their phones and tablets than watching traditional televisions. While phone use has been on the rise for years even as TV use dropped, the most recent annual survey done

Trump’s ban on Huawei could be a big win for Apple

A decision by the Trump Administration forced Google to revoke Huawei’s Android license, and a respected analyst says that could cause millions of buyers around the world to get iPhones instead. Last

U.S. iPhone user base is growing at its slowest rate ever

Apple’s iPhone sales in the U.S. are starting to flatline, according to data from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Growth of the iPhone install base in the U.S. has been on a downward

With smartphone sales in free fall, iPhone still dominates

Apple’s most affordable 2018 handset is a real hit in N. America. There were more than twice as many iPhone XR units shipped during the first three months of this year in this region as its next

iPhone sales dropped in every part of the world

The fact that iPhone sales were down in the first three months of the year is no secret, but new information shows that the decline wasn’t isolated to one or two areas. No, Apple admitted that iOS

iPhone shipments dropped a ‘staggering’ 30% last quarter

Although Apple no longer reports the number of iPhone units it sells, the company did admit there was a steep decline in handset revenue in the first three months of this year. Analysts are out with

Apple Bets on iPhone Trade-In Program to Boost Slowing Sales

Trade-in and financing programs have been popular with iPhone customers.

iPhone XR completely dominates Apple’s US sales

The iPhone XR accounted for 38 percent of all Apple’s US handset sales during the first three months of this this year, according to a market research company. Combined with the iPhone XS and XS Max,