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Here’s how iPhones might do interchangeable lenses

The camera bump on future iPhones could include an “interlock arrangement” for mounting additional third-party lenses, according to a patent awarded to Apple. The idea sounds potentially compromising

iPhone photographers get more than a button with ShutterGrip2

The iPhone is the best camera because it is already with you – that is until it slips out of your hands while taking a picture and it is damaged on impact. Just Mobile solved this ergonomic

MFI flash will add gloss to your iPhone photos

The biggest photography stories of the decade all involved the iPhone in some way. The approaching decade’s first story will likely be the rise of add-on strobe lights for iPhone photographers. Less

Sandmarc’s top-notch lenses now fit the iPhone 11 line

Sandmarc, a top producer of high-quality smartphone lenses, now has a line of mounting cases for its lenses to fit on the iPhone 11 series. Many smartphone lens makers had to rethink their mount

Fantastic fisheye lens expands view of iPhone camera

By now, we’ve learned that two of the three rear-facing cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro are worthy of the Pro name. The third, the ultra-wide, is merely adequate. Mobile phone lens-maker Moment has a new

Firstlight app gives you real-time control over iPhone camera

An app developer putting out a camera and photo editing app today is in for a steep, uphill climb. Dozens of apps populate the category and those at the top are holding that place for a reason. But

Chicago students with iPhones tell their stories of a city in photos

The city of Chicago is full of narratives but one of its richest is often skewed by headlines of poverty and violence. The neighborhood of North Lawndale is a story of rebirth and some of its young

Your amazing iPhone photos could win you a bar of gold

Do you have iPhone photos you’re proud of? They might be stunning enough to win you some Apple gear or a bar of gold. The iPhone Photography Awards today announced a call for entries for consideration

iPhone 11 Pro camera beat by Huawei and Xiaomi’s new phones

The camera on the iPhone 11 Pro Max received high marks for performance from the independent testing lab DxOMark. It is one of the best smartphones for photo and video. It’s just not the very best

Shoot cinema-quality smooth video with this 3-in-1 discounted gimbal [Deals]

From dedicated digital cameras to smartphones, advances in technology have put incredible image quality in the palms of our hands. The images we can create with pocket-sized cameras are on par with

Adobe’s new camera app brings ‘AI magic’ to iPhone photos

After finally bringing Photoshop to iPad, Adobe says it will roll out a new smartphone camera app with a slew of creative lenses and AI powers that come at the point of capture. The upcoming Adobe

Why third-party lenses beat iPhone 11’s Ultra Wide camera

Now that the iPhone 11 line brings an ultra-wide camera to the bump, there is some question on what to do with an extra-wide lens attachment you may have purchased from brands like Moment, Sandmarc or

Double the resolution of your iPhone photos with this trick

A relatively simple technique can double the resolution of an iPhone image. Shockingly, the trick is best executed with shaky hands. What sounds counterintuitive will make sense when you see the steps

iPhone 11 Pro pix of Northern Lights will blow you away

Travel blogger Zach Honig hiked into a remote part of Alaska with a tripod and Sony camera to capture the Northern Lights. But his best photos came from his new iPhone 11 Pro Max – without a tripod.

iOS 13.2 beta 1 brings Deep Fusion to iPhone 11

Deep Fusion support on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is finally available for testing if you’re an iOS developer. Apple’s latest computational photography feature adds even more detail to

Motif app goes iOS so you can make photo books on iPhone

It didn’t take long for Motif, a Mac and iPad app for creating photo books, to reach 1 million downloads. A little more than a year after its launch, Motif now lets Apple fans create custom photo

10 years later, Hipstamatic is still around and deep in its retro roots

The smartphone photography tidal wave started with ripples from Hipstamatic. It was the first app with filters for snap-happy iPhone users to change the look of their photos. A tap of the finger and

Wedding photogs stand ready to tie the knot with iPhone 11 Pro

Pro photographers Jamie and Lauren Eichar tested the iPhone 11 Pro to determine whether Apple’s newest flagship was worthy of the Pro in its name. They weren’t expecting the results the new iPhone

Photographer calls iPhone 11’s Night mode a game-changer

The iPhone 11 Pro brings what might just be the best camera ever to ship with a smartphone. Travel photographer Austin Mann, who took the iPhone 11 Pro for a spin this week, lavishes praise on the new

iPhone 11 Pro camera is so good, it’s changing the way cameras are tested

The first reviews for the iPhone 11 cameras are in, and you would think photography is about to be reinvented. Tech reviewers sound especially impressed with two features, the ultra-wide lens and the